Owning guns has been the right of all Americans, but the Biden Gun Tax will cost gun owners more. The ex-VP wants to control guns as many Americans are expecting hard times if he does win the election.

 One of the issues is that gun enthusiasts want to keep their guns, but having extra taxes placed on them may not be very welcome. The ex-VP is facing many questions on many policies that will be implemented, if he wins, reported Freebeacon.

 Sources say that 20 million rifles, and 150 million ammunition magazines will be banned under a registration scheme by Biden.  as mentioned while he was campaigning, said the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) report. Under the new scheme, this would generate $34 billion or more that is based on a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

 The NSSF told the outlet that the ambitious plan of the Obama ex-VP to control that many guns and magazines will be easier said than done. Since the pandemic and the recent violence, many Americans have armed up.

 According to National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), spokesman Mark Oliva, he said if the DEMS were more judicious in their decision, and look into what gun ownership and gun rights are. They would need to step back and assess their ideas.

Americans will lose access to acquiring new AR-15 rifles and large-capacity firearms and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. What the ex-VP is ignoring is modern firearms are all high capacity. One part is to pay owners to give their guns that is a right and legally owned. Next will be to register their names in a National Firearms Act. Owners will pay a mandatory $200 tax stamp for every firearm owned.

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In the report mentioned, the firearms that he wants to ban from legal possession are those made in 2018. Oliva remarked that there may be more than estimated. NSSF utilized the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives manufacturer reports that were dated 2018. But, he said the AR-15 is one of the most bought rifles by gun enthusiasts. If the DEMS do win in the election and ban sales, it will not be met enthusiastically.

He added the data used by the DEMS does not take into account a delay of 18 to 24-months. They have no idea of the exact number of firearms sold.

In 2020, the increased earnings from AR-15 sales is an indication of how many of the guns and magazine have been sold. The increase has only been noted in the last few chaotic months. These firearms are adaptable to many budgets and useful for hunting, sport shooting, and keeping families' safe in-home defense.

He added that Biden and his gun control cronies are ignoring the numbers that Americans want AR-15s and not agreeable to stricter gun laws. Many new gun owners go through training and are checked. Gun ownership is an inherent right because more than ever the Biden Gun Tax is not trusted in its intentions.

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