There is surging in sales in private gun ownership as America is facing fears that brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent occurrences like panic buying and other factors are now causing worry to the average American.

Gun stores used to sell guns to gun enthusiasts mostly. But this time, there are clients from all walks of life lining in droves. One reason for this alarming concern is the possibility of the disintegration of social order because of the coronavirus, which is infecting more Americans each day.

As the exponential growth of the COVID-19 pandemic increases, so does the shadow of gun sales in the US. In the states of California, New York, and Washington they have registered a buying spree on guns with the biggest increase of guns sold to private citizens, not just gun collectors or enthusiasts, and fanatics.

This was confirmed by a majority of firearm shop owners saying that it is mostly a mass wave of first-timers getting any firearm. One common thread is that these individuals are afraid of panic buying, expecting to have a shortage of food and supplies.

Another popular reason why they opt to own a gun is that the government will make a move with emergency powers to halt gun sales, which is something seen as detrimental to the public safety of most citizens during the coronavirus scare.

All over social media, pictures and videos of Americans lining up to purchase a gun are plentiful. More than one netizen has tweeted and posted images of crowded gun shops, all are either shopping for a gun or getting ammunition.

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CBSN reported that in San Gabriel Valley, the sales of guns are "hitting the roof." Most Asian-American buyers are fearing the prospect of racial attacks on them, as the backlash of coronavirus fears start to become prevalent.

One owner of the Arcadia Firearm and Safety in the San Gabriel Valley, David Liu, is not confident for his wife's safety. He gave her a handgun for self-preservation. He is just one of many Asians who are affected by the events in America.

One of David Liu's customers is Daniel Lim, who wants to secure his family and keep them protected in this crisis, just lke many Asians who are living in fear of a financial crisis.

More sales are confirmed by online websites selling bullets for all type of firearms. talked to LA Times, reporting that from February 23 to March they had a sales surge of 68% which was more than 11-days before Feb 23. It was the day when Italy went public with their massive outbreak of the coronavirus.

With the flash increase of gun sales, many Gun control groups and advocates are now airing concern about gun safety. They fear that most first-time gun owners will not be equipped to keep their guns from children in the house.

Coronavirus cases in the US rose to 3,100 in 49 states on Sunday.

More social distancing is implemented by state officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as they suspend any large public gathering until the crisis improves.

All sectors in the US are afraid for safety, and surging sales of any gun is an indication that COVID-19 has hit a deeper nerve.

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