A movie from almost 10 years ago has become viral on social media as TikTok users scare themselves while watching the horror movie, "Megan is Missing."

The 2011 controversial indie film starred Rachel Quinn and Amber Perkins who were relatively unknown at the time. The film was written and directed by Michael Goi.

It is still unknown how the film resurfaced, however, TikTok users were able to rediscover the horror film and it surged into sudden popularity in the past weeks due to testimonies of those who watched the film for the first time.

According to International Business Times, those who have watched the film have described it as very traumatizing and stated that they have been scared to leave their homes since watching it. There were also users who have stated that they considered deleting their social media accounts due to the effects of the movie.

In 2011, at the time of the film's release, it was banned from being shown in New Zealand and several other nations after it was deemed inappropriate.

After it went viral, Goi also took it to his TikTok account to warn the viewers of the possible effects of watching the film.

According to Goi, one of the film's lead stars, Amber Perkins informed him that the movie has gained popularity in TikTok. Due to this, Goi went to the app himself and advised people that the customary warnings that should have come with the film were not given, thus, he apologized to those who were freaked out.

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Moreover, Goi said that before watching Megan is Missing people should take note not to watch it alone or in the middle of the night. He also added that by the time the words, 'photo number one' people who are already freaked out should just stop watching altogether, AZ central reported.

Goi has also worked on several horror projects including, "Salem" and "American Horror Story." Goi said that people who are still contemplating on watching the film should be warned of its possible lasting effects mentally.

The movie's sudden popularity also led to Goi's followers blowing up. The video he posted on Tiktok gained more than 4.6 million views and around 1.4 million likes.

New Zealand banned "Megan is Missing"

According to New Zealand's Office of Film and Literature Classification, the film was 'objectionable' and was too inappropriate to be allowed release to the general public.

It was also stated that the indie movie featured sexual conduct and violence which reached a degree that would likely be injurious to the public good if released.

Moreover, the acting skills of the lead stars Quinn and Perkins were also heavily criticized. As for Goi, he was lambasted for his sexualization of the young characters and the gruesome depiction of sexual violence.

Meanwhile, film scholar Alexandra Heller-Nicholas dubbed the movie as a kind of 'torture porn', in her book, Found Footage Horror Films: Fear and the Appearance of Reality. But it was noted that she has described Goi as having good intentions with spreading the message of saving lives, Metro reported.

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