Imelda Marcos, the former Philippine first lady, was a Twitter trending topic on Sunday following her mention in the Netflix hit, "The Crown" about the British royal family.

Imelda Marcos and Her Shoe Collection

Princess Margaret, acted out by Oscar nominee Helena Bonham-Carter, said that during a state banquet in Manila in the Philippines, Marcos approached her to discuss her "shell collection."

In the scene, Princess Margaret entertains the royal family with the story involving the wife of the late dictator, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, who "barges into the room" amid a state dinner. The royal members poked fun at Marcos' accent, indicating that Princess Margaret could have misapprehended because Marcos was possibly referring to her infamous lavish shoe collection.

"The Crown" just dropped its fourth season on the streaming service Netflix, reported Cosmopolitan.

Princess Margaret is the sister of Queen Elizabeth in the series.

In the third episode of Season 4, Princess Margaret mocked Marcos' way of speaking the English language. She narrated her state visit to the Philippines where she met Marcos who wanted to brandish her many material things.

According to Princess Margaret, "So there we are in Manila, in the middle of a state banquet, when who barges into the room? None other than Imelda Marcos. She makes a beeline straight for me, saying she's desperate to show me her... wait for it..." reported The Philippine Star.

Princess Anne, played by Erin Doherty, guess that it was Marcos' shoe collection. Princess Margaret countered her and said "shell collection."

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"The Crown" is a meticulously crafted Netflix series about Queen Elizabeth II's reign, the secrets and intrigues, and the ins and outs of royal life. In the fourth season that premiered this weekend, the character of Princess Diana is inducted into their world not as a romantic partner for the Queen's son but as a probable queen in the future that people would adore. 

The scene was posted by @nayrbf on Twitter and has been trending.

The Marcos family was pressurized to leave the Philippines in 1986 due to the People Power revolution against them.

The rest of the royals in the room laughed at the narrative. Some of them suggested that Marcos probably had something in her teeth and Princess Margaret did not clearly decipher her words. Prince Philip, played by Tobias Menzies, said that she was probably trying to say "shoe."

The real-life princess met Marcos before in reality.

Queen Elizabeth II, played by Olivia Colman, jested that Marcos probably had something in her teeth as the crowd giggles and laughs.

According to user @contraststudies in a retweet of the viral clip on Twitter, "Christ, this is hilarious but also I want you all to know that Imelda Marcos could probably have fed everyone in Manila for half a decade with the government taxes she used to buy her god--mned shoe collection."

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