Last Monday, the police released their report on the violence unleashed on peaceful Trump supporters. The Antifa and BLM mob slunk back after dark to terrorize the remnants of the Million Maga March.

 According to the police, the counter-protestors had several skirmishes, including a whole mob picking on a lone Trump supporter. Everything was okay when the Trump crowds were huge. But lone pockets were terrorized, as the counter-protesters saw an opening to sow terror, reported New York Post.

The DC Police Chief Peter Newsham informed that four individuals were arrested, with one for assaulting a MAGA fan. The evidence was seen during Saturday, on the 17th and I streets, The Washington Post reported.

President Trump was livid when he saw the attack by the left mob. He wrote the caption, "Human Radical Left garbage did this. Being arrested now!"

Seen is the intent of one mob member to inflict bodily harm by attacking the man blindside. The left mob gloated as the man fell; he got assistance from others. He bled from the dastardly attack.

Investigator checked into what happened, whether who provoked who. The DC Police Chief said the longer version had the video rolling. The lone Trump supporter knocked down one in the mob stalking him, while they were seemingly aggressive.

 There were other unfortunate incidents by the mobs, like attacking individual supporters. One stabbed thrice in his back. The provocateur of that incident was neither caught nor identified yet. Small pockets of Trumpers were picked on and harassed.

The Washington Post was told the 26-year old victim did not want to be identified by paper. He was stabbed in the back when he helped a counter-protester in a clash with alleged drunk men with MAGA hats.

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Thinking he got punched but was stabbed, which he said never happened before. He ran and felt his wound, asked for help.

By Monday, the DC police caught 21 people for charges in the skirmished. One of them is 26-year-old Javien Michael Dawson; he got an assault charge for using fireworks on Trump supporters who were harassed by him. The Trump crowd was gathering peacefully until the mob converged on them. Many were families having dinner or relaxing after the march.

More evidence of carrying a deadly weapon, like eight unregistered firearms, were caught by the police. A couple from Georgia, Joshua Justice Skillman, 28, and his girlfriend Samantha Falk, 33, were arrested for the offense.

One of the reasons they had it was to support President Trump, but guns are not allowed in the nation's capital. Cops went to the hotel room of the arrested couple and found a stash of weapons. Included in the weapons stash are ammo, extra guns with an illegal submachine gun too. Checking on the stash, the investigators saw Georgia's license, not for Washington, said the Post.

More firearms were discovered owned by a Virginia native when caught. He told the judge he was not aware of guns not allowed in DC. Arrested individuals were released soon after but ordered by the judge to face charges next year.

For the police chief, the reports of violence in a million MAGA March is disturbing as the elections are not done yet.

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