The planned Million Million Maga March of Trump supporters will show how much support popular President Donald Trump seems to be the favored Victor. Not the ex-VP whose results are marred by charges that are now moving to protest election results.

Despite charges by some anti-Trump sectors from CNN to established media that right-wingers will cause trouble. Trump supporters will peacefully protest unlike the demonstrations in Portland, Seattle, and other democrat led states.

The swelling support for the president was very heartwarming, and all the support is very appreciated.

Last Friday, Trump posted on Twitter to show his appreciation for the demonstrations of support from the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement. Especially for the march to be done in his honor on Saturday.

Supporters of Trump want those capable of reversing the alleged voter's ballot in contest areas to clean up the tarnished elections. Feeling it is only fair to Americans to have the unsullied results they deserve.

Expected to join the protests are Trumpers from San Diego California who will make their voices heard in the murk of election cheating. But, supporters of Biden (yet to be declared) plans to demonstrate on the same day.

Security in Washington will be ramped up to avoid clashes between the opposing groups to keep it non-violent. In the past several incidents of attacks caused by other camps have been reported on Trump supporters.

Before the planned 'Million March' supporters are making arrangements for this weekend's march. At the same time, Trump campaigners are waging a legal battle to prove the opposing camp has committed voter fraud on November 3.

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Included in the protest march will be several conservative groups that announced the planned gathering for peaceful protects. D-day for the convergence of a broad array of Trumpers will be in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

The march comes at a point wherein the total victory of the DEMS will undermine everyday Americans. Four years of Trump, according to them, another four.

A first-time event is the Million MAGA March that will show how many truly support the GOP President and his party. Concern over the future is also underpinned by an almost fanatical belief in their platform.

This second mega rally is the 'Stop the Steal' with an overall agenda of the fraud infested claims that have been done in Democrat-controlled states. But the protest is only one of many similar demonstrations for a clean electoral contest all over the U.S.

A Michigan support of the one and only Commander-in-Chief encourage the cases to go on. At stake was a possibly failed election that will forever change America to its core. Also, put a leader not elected by the people.

According to Michelle Gregoire, saying that only ballots for Biden have been counted in Michigan. There are more legal ballots intentionally ignored. Adding that the only U.S. President by populist vote should not concede, or the election is stolen for every legal voter.

Americans who voted and want their legal vote counted are encouraged to resist those taking away the election from its real victor.

During the Million Maga March in D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser said they will be assisted and free to express. So, will the D.C. police as well. All voices will be for the president trump.

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