Actress Kate Mara is now looking back on the filming of the movie "Fantastic Four." The 2015 movie production was rumored to be plagued by feuds among director Josh Trank, the producers, and the cast.

Among those who are included in the cast was 37-year-old actress Kate Mara, who played Sue Storm, a hero with the ability to turn invisible.

Mara opens up

Mara's experience on set was not favorable, and she recounted the events in a recent interview with the Television Academy. She said that she had a horrible experience on "Fantastic Four."

Mara said she never talked about it before, and she does not regret doing the movie as she ended up marrying one of her co-stars, but she wished she had responded differently to certain things.

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The Hollywood actress said she had a similar experience in another movie, but she did not give any additional details. She said that there is one connection between the two filming experiences, as reported by People.

Mara added that her two horrendous experiences with directors were with male directors. She opened up about her feud with female directors too, but it never made her feel like the feud was because she was a woman. That is not the case with male directors, and she was sure that the feud only happened due to power dynamics.

Furthermore, the actress said that in both of her bad experiences, the movies were 95% men, and she was the only woman in the movie.

Jamie Bell, Mara's husband, also appeared in the "Fantastic Four" movie. Actors Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan were also included in the cast.

Importance of speaking out

The actress also recently spoke with Collider and expanded her reflections on her experiences. She said she thinks that she will always go back to her experiences because she believes she should have followed her instincts more.

Mara stressed the importance of speaking out, and she said that while she does not regret making the movie, she regrets not having stood up for herself.

The actress said that although the experiences were years ago, she would want to advocate for actresses to stand up for themselves.

The movie also taught Mara to check in with other actors about their experiences working with other business professionals, whether it is a director, a producer, or an actor.

Mara said she never talked to other actors about their experiences but will certainly do it now as it will give her an idea on who she'll work with.

The actress continued that if anyone ever wants to ask her about her experiences on things, she is open to talk. She understands that people need to work if someone is in a position where they can choose about doing something or not doing something, doing the research not just with the role but also with the people you will work with creatively is very important.

The producers and director Josh Trank has not responded to Mara's claims.

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