Is body odor a major concern for you? You are not alone as for 98 percent of the globe, the everyday bout against smelly armpits is a struggle in a study cited by a Smithsonian magazine. 

However, did you know that many warning signs from your armpits are very vital to your health?

Your armpits are among the first to show signs of hormonal imbalances and other irregularities within your body chemistry.

Certain odors are trying to tell us something. Specific body odors are symptomatic of bodily issues and illnesses.

What is the reason behind a body odor? The concise answer is bacteria, as your body is covered with bacteria, which feeds on activities from shedding skin cells to the food in your intestines, reported Dollar Shave Club.

Early diagnosis is important. Unexpected changes in your body necessitate being taken seriously.

We rounded up what your body odor (BO) is trying to tell you:

1. Magnesium Deficiency

If a shower cannot stop the odor being emitted from your pits, it could be telling you that you lack adequate magnesium. According to Robert Segal, MD, co-founder of LabFinder, "The mineral magnesium helps in 'deodorizing' our internal organs and also helps with our body odor," reported The Healthy.

2. Bacterial Infection

You may have been brushing twice a day and flossing to add to that, but your bad breath remains to bother you. A bacteria named H. pylori, which can be found in the digestive system is the culprit. For some people, this scenario can get extreme, possibly resulting in gastric cancer and stomach ulcers.

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3. Microbiome Imbalance

The most common cause of a shift in body odor is an imbalance in its microbiome brought about by the classic antiperspirant and deodorant combo you use every day. According to Jasmina Aganovic, Mother Dirt founder, "If you think about current approaches to controlling body odor in that area, they fall into two buckets: antiperspirants that stop sweat so that there is no food for the odor-causing bacteria and deodorant that kills the bacteria," reported Well + Good.

4. The Smell of Age

The phrase "old people smell" is true. A study found that older participants (75 to 95 years old) had a distinct scent that is not unpleasant nor strong but a feature of their age group. "Elderly people have a discernible underarm odor that younger people consider to be fairly neutral and not very unpleasant," according to Johan Lundström, a sensory neuroscientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, reported Phys Org.

5. Your Digestive System Is Off

According to traditional Chinese medicine experts, the general body odor could be a good indicator that your digestive system is not well. The gut bacteria to digest food or the right probiotics are necessary. A possible factor is too much yeast or candida that is behind the scent. 

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