A candidate in North Dakota has reportedly won his position for state legislature despite having died from complications brought upon the COVID-19 pandemic. Republican David Andahl passed away on October 5 at the age of 55 years old.

Died Due to COVID-19; Won His Election

Andahl's mother Pat stated her son had been admitted to the hospital upon his novel coronavirus diagnosis. He died after being sick for around four days.

On Tuesday, he was elected to his seat in North Dakota's Legislature in today's hospital and health industry news from North Dakota, Florida, and Washington.

In late October, North Dakota's attorney general released an opinion indicating that if Andahl won the election, the district's local Republican Party would oversee filling his seat until the district could establish a special election.

The 55-year-old candidate was a cattle rancher and land developer. As the elected state representative of the 8th district of the state on Tuesday, he won 35.3 percent of the vote along with David Nehring, who won a seat with 40.72 percent of votes as well.

North Dakota is a largely rural state with a population of more than 760,000 and has the highest per capita coronavirus case rate in the United States, reported ThePrint.

There is currently controversy surrounding the response to implement with the seat he won.

According to Pat Andahl, her son was vigilant regarding COVID-19 and that he would often have discussions with her about serving the country.

North Dakota's election results showed the Bismark-area district would be handed over David Andahl and Dave Nehring as the district selects two representatives. The pair defeat one of the state's most powerful lawmakers, Rep. Jeff Delzer, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

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Andahl's October death had prompted questions about what would transpire were he to win the November election. According to North Dakota's attorney general, the situation would be tackled just like an official's decision to renounce their seat or retire. This means that North Dakota's Republican Party would appoint a representative to fill the vacant position.

Pat Andahl added, "His heart was in farming. He wanted things better for farmers and the coal industry," reported CBS News.

Nehring would now make the transition to the state legislature.

"So many things he was very passionate about and was hoping that he could get into the Legislature and be of some help. He was looking forward to it. He was looking forward to being part of that," added Pat Andahl, reported AJC.

According to Andahl's obituary, he graduated from North Dakota State University and had worked as a driving instructor, professional driver, and contractor. Andahl was also a partner and general manager of 4T Ranch north of Bismarck, which has been owned by his family for three generations.

He had remained on the ballot after his death partly due to early voting weeks earlier.

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