In connection to Twitter's censorship of The Post's Hunter Biden reporting, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was slammed by Senator Ted Cruz during a heated exchange of words during the Big Tech Hearing on Capitol Hill, Wednesday.

The Texas Republican ripped the social media giant's CEO claiming that he was censoring what the media is allowed to report and what the American people are allowed to hear. He also asked Dorsey if who elected him to think that he had such power.

Meanwhile, Dorsey admitted that his site was mistaken in blocking The Post due to its reporting, he also insisted that The Post is free to return to the social media platform as long as the tweets on the story were deleted.

The diatribe started after Cruz asked Dorsey on the logic of why Twitter decided to censor the account of the news outlet, the New York Post.

"Why did Twitter make the decision to censor the New York Post?" the senator asked.

The social media mogul then explained that the site has a hacked materials policy which controls the spread of materials that were hacked. He added that his site does not want to play a part in distributing materials that were obtained through hacking.

Moreover, Dorsey added that at the time of posting, The Post posted direct materials. Thus, the way the information was obtained was unclear, causing it to fell into the anti-hacking policy.

In response, Cruz pointed out that The Post was clear on its report that the emails and personal materials that were posted came from a laptop that used to belong to Biden. The said laptop was said to have been abandoned in an electronics repair shop in Delaware, thus, it became the property of the shop's owner due to the store police that Biden signed, Daily Mail reported.

In addition, Cruz lambasted Dorsey for censoring the posts despite having their doubts.

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Dorsey also stated that Twitter has already amended its policy in order to avoid a situation such as this one. To which Cruz answered with a question on why The Post's account is still blocked.

According to NB News, the Twitter CEO answered that The Post needs to log back into their account, delete the tweet that originally fell under the previous enforcement actions, after which, they can post the same material and it would already go through.

The senator dubbed Twitter's enforcements as "clearly employed in a deeply partial way." He stated that the social media site did not apply the same restrictions when the New York Times published information on Trump's tax returns without the president's consent to release the documents.

While Cruz mainly focused on grilling Dorsey, he also had words for the two other representatives of Big Tech at the hearing, Mark Zuckerberg, who is the founder of Facebook; and Google parent company Alphabet's CEO, Sundar Pichai.

Cruz dubbed the three tech giants as " the single greatest threat to free speech in America." He also added that they were also posing a threat for the country to have a free and fair elections.

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