Video is the leading form of visual media online, but it isn't always easy to produce. The more attention you want to attract, the higher the quality your videos need to be. Although the modern smartphone can rival the average DSLR in terms of clarity and precision, editing is still a process that takes time to master. Your own unique video editing style will be influenced by the type of content you make, your aesthetic and, of course, the features of the software you're using. Adobe Premiere is one of the best video editing software out there, but it's expensive and can be complicated to learn if you're a novice. To save money but still produce great videos, check out these free video editors. Most offer an upgrade option for a reasonable price that unlocks additional features, so you might want to try them out and consider going pro later.


Blender is an open-source program, which means it's entirely free for everyone to use. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, and supports up to 32 clips, images and effects per project. You may already be familiar with Blender as a 3D modeling tool, but it's equally powerful and effective as an editor.


Every version of Lightworks is available on Windows, Mac and Linux, and it offers trimming, multi-camera support and various video formats. You can export directly to YouTube or Vimeo from the software, and you can backup, edit and archive existing projects at any time. If you want to upgrade, the professional package costs $25 and includes 4k support and additional, advanced editing options like timeline rendering and stereoscopic output. 

If you decide to go with this platform or any other on this list, you may also want to use subtitle softwares to caption your video. Videos with captions are more accessible to a wider audience, including people who are deaf, hearing impaired or speak a different language. You can also save time on production using a software so you can focus on making more content.


Openshot is another entirely free, open-source software for Windows, Mac and Linux users. It features a user-friendly interface and features that range from basic clip editing and trimming to audio effects, image overlays and custom watermarks. The drag-and-drop timeline is easy for anyone to use, even complete beginners with no prior video editing experience. As you get better at the software, you'll also be able to add zoom, transitions and more.

HitFilm Express

If you're looking for a more advanced free video editor, then HitFilm Express might be for you. In addition to the standard suite of editing tools, there is also 3D support, green screen keying, compositing features and layers and masking tools. This product is best for people who produce videos with a high production value and put a lot of effort into additional effects. It is effective for standard users as well, but they'll likely find the interface too complex for their needs.


If you're a Mac user, then iMovie is the most accessible and free video editor at your disposal. There are different themes you can automatically apply to your clips, and there's a library of copyright-free music to add to your videos. There's also 4k resolution support and a split screen option. All in all, this is an extremely versatile and straightforward editing software that can offer everything the average YouTuber needs.