There's Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms everywhere, and they're already crowded because people started to use it more and more. Moreover, people are trying to stand out and become famous on social media. Most people say that they don't care if they're famous or not on Instagram or Facebook. But the truth is, most of them started blogging and sharing their life stories to attract the attention of an audience

People rarely put their efforts into trying to create vibrant and beautiful content on their social media profiles, but they expect to get viral in a short time. Well, if you don't spend most of your hours in creating good content, you won't warranty your success. But before getting famous, you have to determine what you want to be known for and choose your platform carefully. 

1. Choose Your Platform

Before you become famous on the internet, it's best to choose the platform you're going to be active. Are you a good writer? Then you have Medium where you can share most of your thoughts. Comedians usually post their content on Twitter, video producers have YouTube, and there is Instagram for photographers. What about Facebook? Well, if you want to be Facebook-Famous, there are a couple of reasons why you shouldn't necessarily choose this platform. Facebook is a platform with multi-purposes, so it's going to be challenging to convince people to watch your videos or read your stories. 

People use Facebook mostly to connect with friends, to share their vacations pictures, or stalk other people's profiles for no reason. So, if you want to build an audience and become famous, Facebook might not be the best platform to put all your focus on, but it can be a powerful tool to amplify your content from other platforms. 

2. Choose Your Content

So, you've chosen your platform; now it's time to select the type of content you're going to post. For example, if you have chosen Instagram, on what subject you're going to focus more? Pictures? Insta-story videos? Portraits? Of course, you can choose multiple social media platforms, but choose one to start with. It's not that easy to focus on too many platforms at once. You want social media presence, so focus on that.

Once you are sure that you can easily handle a platform, choose another one to post new content. If your public loves you, will follow you no matter where you choose to activate. So, Instagram is best for those who want to focus more on lifestyle and image-centred, so get familiar with Instagram, the queen of all social media apps. Also, if you ever experience any issues with one of your platforms, don't hesitate and ask for support at Famoid team. After all, you want to enjoy your experience on social media.

3. Be Consistent

Here is the first thing you need to do: you have to be consistent. No matter what platform you choose or the content you want to post, keep in mind that consistency is key. Is not about posting video daily, or weekly. But being consistent for years and years will guarantee your success. Of course, everybody expects to build a blog overnight and eventually to have their community already waiting to applause. 

A lot of famous people created their brands by following essential steps and realizing that miracles don't happen overnight. Build an audience that can help you and that you can help, and don't forget always to be consistent. By dedicating your efforts and energy in it, over time, you'll prove yourself that consistency matters, and you'll earn an excellent reputation.

Don't worry, if you'll ever feel overwhelmed, it's ok to take a break. But don't forget to let your audience know about you. Chances are they'll appreciate you even more!