Are the things that go bump in the night real, or is it a ghostly whisper in these haunted places, where believers can experience ghosts and the paranormal. There are many of these reputedly cursed and ghostly places in the United States.

These are different destinations from insane asylums to haunted houses and other places with dark histories. In these places, pent up psychic energy from those long gone, have never left. For those who can relate, this is a chance to hear, see, and feel the supernatural, reported National Geographic.

Even non-believers can go to these places inhabited by those long gone. Just to see how much a skeptic can believe on a spooky Halloween night. Does anyone have the guts to last the night?

The LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans, Louisiana

A Louisiana socialite, Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie, was popular for her grand parties in a fancy French Quarter mansion in New Orleans in the early 19th century. Unknown to the guests in her posh parties, there was a grisly scene, not for the faint of heart, two floors up.

A kitchen fire revealed a secret she kept. Bodies of slaves who were mutilated were discovered in the attic. When her secret was exposed, she was forced to flee her home, where spirits of murdered slaves can be heard to this day.

Portland, Oregon, The Shanghai Tunnels

In the 19th century, Portland was the wrong port to go to in the United States. During that time, human trafficking was called shanghaiing. Many sailors would be kidnapped by gangs.

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Many swindlers would be active in a saloon or a pub that had a trapdoor hidden. Bring the victims into the tunnels, ending up in the harbor and sold. Not everyone survived the Shanghai Tunnels. A haunted place made more haunted by being under a city.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

The prison was opened in 1829 and was one of the first prisons that had solitary confinement. Prisoners who went there would be in the equivalent of hell in a menacing Gothic-style prison. Their means are inhuman, often driving prisoners insane.

Administrators wanted the men to do penitence, so they are subjected to emotional pain and bodily torture. Those who died in its walls never left their cell and were trapped even in death. Closed in 1971, sounds and ghostly apparitions cannot abandon this earthly confinement.

'Lizzie Borden' Murder house, Fall River Massachusetts

As the story goes, on August 4, 1892, both Andrew and Abby Borden were beaten beyond recognition. Some say it was Lizzie who killed her parents, which was the first sensational murder in America. Later the court acquitted Lizzie for the gruesome homicide because of no proof she bludgeoned her parents to death. The Borden murder house is popular for ghost hunting or to see Lizzie?

The Stanley Hotel, where the 'Shining' was filmed

This hotel is in Estes Park, Colorado. Novelist Stephen King had the horror film "The Shining" filmed in its walls. The Stanley was opened by F.O. and Flora Stanley as a resort and still are in its ghostly halls.

The wife plays the piano, her husband appears in pictures, and ghostly children in the halls. This is one of the best-haunted places in the United States for a ghostly getaway.

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