The Facebook Messenger app has over one billion users. However, in contrast to the Facebook competitor WhatsApp, Messenger does not possess the crucial security necessary to secure your content from prying eyes.

Instant messaging could be a fast and convenient way for two people or a group to chat and share information. Numerous people use this in their personal lives to sustain connections with family and friends. There are also countless instant messaging programs for business.

"Eighty-seven percent (of adults) use the web, sixty-eight percent connect to the web with mobile devices, ninety percent own a cell phone, and fifty-eight percent own a smartphone," according to David Lee King, reported Kibin.

Facebook Messenger App: Is it Time to Stop Using It?


Considering the beneficial uses of the Facebook Messenger app, there is a downside. Messenger is almost merely dependent on text. It is often that what people write to one another becomes misinterpreted.

Privacy Concerns

One user cannot have complete privacy using the Messenger app. The terms and conditions of Facebook Messenger clearly indicate that they could record calls without knowing the user.

Skipping the Personal Experience

Instant messaging strips an individual of the face-to-face experience of speaking to someone in person. One cannot decipher someone emotionally, nor you are sure of who you are conversing with through IM. If you are not careful, the latter could be dangerous.

Amount of Personal Data Required

Along with other companies who use mobile applications, Facebook requires an appalling amount of personal data from its user. According to Sam Fiorella of the Huffington Post, some permissions you have accepted are that you allow the app to alter the state of network connectivity and to call phone numbers without your interference.

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Identity Theft

There have been cases wherein users are hoodwinked into the individual's identity on the other end of the chat. Impersonation cannot be ascertained and could prove to be harmful when vital information is being shared.


In your device, Facebook Messenger is always functioning in the background. It would send out a vibration or audio alert when new messages are received.

Facebook Spies

All that you send on Messenger goes through Facebook servers as accessible. The social media platform "spies" on this content to ensure that you are following its guidelines. According to a new security report, it also downloads your private content to its own servers without notifying the user.

Ineffective Tool for Mass Communication

It could be difficult for all users to keep up with the chat for group chats when numerous voices are in the mix. So if you would like to use it to broadcast information to employees to pique their attention, your message will likely have your message drowned out by many other voices or merely unnoticed.

Phone Space

The app uses a tantamount space in a smartphone as it uses an estimated 100mb space. If you are browsing the social network via this app, you could end up utilizing a large amount of space on your phone.

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