Facebook is partnering with Uber to incorporate the ride-hailing app's features into the Messenger app, allowing users to call for a ride without having the need to leave a Facebook conversation with friends or family.

Uber is the first partner for the Transportation on Messenger service, which will be available to select users in locations where Uber operates in the United States, according to a blog post by Facebook.

With this new feature, Facebook will be able to secure its Messenger app users while providing Uber the access it needs to gain more customers, helping Uber rise above its competitiors like Lyft.

The partnership is set to bring together two of the most powerful tech start-up companies, with Facebook valued at almost $300 billion and Uber estimated at around $62 billion, according to USA Today.

In order to gain access to this new feature, users will have to download the latest version of Messenger, the menu of which will then include a "transportation" button.

Users can also directly search for Uber and tap the car icon to hail a ride. Messenger will send along the driver's status updates and include the option to notify your friends your ride is en route, according to ABC News.

Facebook made the Messenger app mandatory in 2014 and it is looking to boost the app's appeal through this partnership with Uber.