New information on the nails that were supposed to be used on Jesus Christ revealed its conflicting information. The tomb found three decades, was Caiaphas', a Jewish priest, who supervised Christ's trial.

Were these nails the actual ones that pierced the hands of Jesus? There are multiple reports that both nails found in a tomb located in Jerusalem are claimed to be the ones used. One catch is that the allege crucifixion relics is the real thing. For many, this is something to prove that its authenticity is not be doubted, reported Meaww.

Many believe that the two relics in the Jerusalem tomb from the first century belongs to a Jewish priest called Caiaphas. He was a priest who was present at the Trial of Christ. According to investigative journalist and filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici, the sacred relics found in Tel Aviv University is part of the artifacts collection. He added these relics are the ones in the Caiaphas' tomb.

Information from the Sun says that these artifacts were thought to have the ability to heal; this made it desirable as amulets by believers. If used on the Nazarene, then remorseful Caiaphas kept the crucifixion paraphernalia for himself, said Jacobovici. A bent end on the relic was done to keep some on the cross from escaping.

But his claim has been challenged by officials; a recent study alleged that the objects had specific chemical and physical features. This shows that the relics were inside Caiaphas' tomb for about 2000 years. When the relic was analyzed, there were "fine slivers of wood accreted within the iron oxide rust of the nails" and "a number of microscopic fragments of bone."

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One of the geologists involved in the study, Aryeh Shimron, said that the nails were indeed used to crucify a powerful individual as the scientific evidence point out. It cannot be disproven that the old relic may have been used on an influential person, mentioned Mirror UK.

The nails used in the crucifixion were for a powerful individual who did not leave Jesus Christ. Evidence of why it was found in the priest's tomb is compelling. Shimron says there is evidence that the relics were used for crucifixion because it was kept in the tomb. It is easy to believe, but science needs to prove it was really used, not claim with no concrete evidence.

He added further that deciding on it is means reading the literature and choose from there. However, believers can reach their assumptions or personal judgment.

In Rome, crucifying was rarely done, with only two victims were found by scientists and verified. The Haaretz reports said the wood on the nails was made of cedarwood. During that time, no cedar wood grew in Israel yet.

The paper added that cedar would not use the wood for any crucifixion, especially Jesus Christ during that time. Romans did not see eye to eye with him; Christianity was opposed to Roman worship.

Holy relics could be controversial, and this discovery is no exception. Twitter users had differing opinions as to the subject of relics. One skeptic simply discounted it, but another asked if has been located. Some just said it did not exist at all.

Are these nails the one used to hang Jesus Christ from the cross or just trinkets from a mistaken priest?

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