Most artists from all forms of art do so with dreams of fame, fortune, celebrity status, and fans' adoration. However, most artists never do achieve fame as a handful of gems in the rough only do. Some do become big names in the field of art after they died.

Fame is fickle; it is elusive, it comes gradually or instantaneously, it goes. It arrives with aplomb after those who deserved it has passed away.

At times, artists are well ahead of their time. The hard truth is that their stunning body of work is not as acclaimed during their lifetime that it is beloved by generations that follow, reported BabaMail

Artists Who Became Household Names After Death

These artists simply were not appreciated for their work during their time:

Robert Johnson

Johnson initially was a terrible guitarist, so he disappeared in the scene for a while to hone the craft. When he reappeared, he became a virtuoso miraculously.

From 1932 to 1938, he was a globetrotting musician sticking closely to the Mississippi Delta and performing as far as New York, Chicago, and Canada reported Global News.

Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh passed away in 1890, merely having sold one painting. The one painting he sold during his lifetime was equivalent to approximately $109. Wide recognition of his works of art only came after 1910.

A shy child with low self-esteem, he discovered his passion for drawing and painting and embarked on an artistic career during his 20s.

An estimated 2000 pieces of his art were unveiled after his demise. They are valued in millions today, reported Scoop Whoop.

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El Greco

El Greco was a student of Titian, the most illustrious painter of his day. He only became famous after his death in 1614. He painted religious subjects that exhibited tormented elongated figures and features, which was regarded as peculiar during the Spanish Renaissance.

His contemporaries found such paintings unfavorable but helped establish his high status in society in the 18th century.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Even people who are not enthusiasts of classical music know Bach, one of the most remarkable and celebrated composers in Western music.

Over 1,000 works were crafted before he passed away in 1750. His body of work was unnoticed amid his time, and he was known as an organ repair consultant and brilliant organist.

When composer Felix Mendelssohn revived Bach's composition "St. Matthew Passion" in 1829, artists began digging into his music work and gave recognition to his mastery.

Otis Redding

Otis Redding is currently widely acclaimed to be one of the most brilliant singers produced by America. He had an enormous influence on R&B and soul music.

Beyond a small group of fans, Redding was unknown and restricted to playing small gigs in South America.

He released a few early singles in 1962 and a debut album entitled "Pain in My Heart" through Stax Records. None of his songs made it to the top 20 singles charts.

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