Kanye West has hit the headlines after he announced his presidential bid back in July 2020. The 21-time Grammy winner has not had much luck getting support from fellow celebrities.

Kanye West blasts SNL

The rapper accused the comedy show Saturday Night Live of pitting black people against each other via a Twitter post on October 18. This is after host Issa Rae called him out the night before in a sketch that was politically-inspired.

The 43-year-old then posted a screenshot of the actress' Google result page, stating that SNL uses black people to hold other black people back. He added that his heart goes out to Issa Rae, and he is praying for her and her family and that his twenty years of service that he'd paid in the entertainment field have furthered their ability to be more successful.

West threw some on Rae's accomplishments and had undercut black inclusion in television. This is even after Rae created and starred in her own show "Insecure," which was renewed on HBO for a fifth season.

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The rapper was referring to a skit in which Rae played a lead counsel for the NAACP, appearing on the talk show "Your Voice Chicago" to discuss the local elections. When she was asked how she's vetting candidates, she responded she's rooting for "everybody black."

Rae referenced her 2017 statement to Variety on the Emmy Awards red carpet that she is rooting for everybody black. They went through some of the candidates present as they assessed them.

One candidate, played by Chris Redd, impersonates West on SNL, labeled as "anti-masturbation, tax-frauding reverend" inspired by West.

Host Kenan Thompson concluded the skit by saying they will talk about the presidential race between Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Kanye West. Rae then flipped the script and responded, 'Kanye? F him!'

After tweeting about SNL and Rae, West retweeted a post promoting the episode for next week that will star Adele, and HER West appeared on SNL seven times since 2005, recently appearing in September 2018 with host Adam Driver while wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.

West's bid for the presidency

West announced his bid for president on Independence Day. He only managed to land on the ballot in 12 states as he could not register in the other states, but he has continued to urge his 30 million Twitter followers to vote for him and write his name on the ballot.

This came after the rapper outlined his platform to Forbes back in July 2020, comparing his vision for America to Wakanda, a fictional place in the movie "Black Panther" while doubting vaccines' effectivity. He revealed his plan to take the NBA globally and denouncing abortion and Black History Month.

In April 2020, West implied to GQ that he planned to vote for President Trump. He added that the people around him told him that his career will be over if he votes for Trump, but he will still support Trump. Now, the rapper is going against him as he added his name to the list, alongside Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

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