Clayton County, GA - A teenage boy from the city of Riverdale was gunned down by a masked gunman in his front yard, but the police stated that the incident was apparently random and senseless shooting.

The 13-year-old victim named Brayan Zavala was working on a lawnmower together with his brother Jesus, 16, just outside of their home late on Thursday when the suspect, wearing a ski mask, sweater, and black pants suddenly showed up. He approached him with the following shots that put Brayan down according to a statement by Jesus, who witnessed the shooting incident.

During the interview, Jesus shared that the shooter did not even asked for money or exhibited any move of robbery nor wanted to assault his brother. The suspect just came in their area, stood there in silence, and shot his brother right away, The New York Post reported.

He also added that his brother Brayan, who will be turning 14 next week, died before authorities responded in the area around 9:15 p.m. on Thursday.

Jesus also mentioned that the bullets passed through him, which resulted in his blood squirting out of him.

The victim's brother added that they tried to stop all the blood flowing out, but by the time the police arrived, the 13-year-old victim no longer showed any signs of life or any chance to live.

Moreover, Jesus detailed what happened on the night of the incident; he stated that the gunman drove by their family's home and turned around before he got out of the vehicle, Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

After that, he walked up to Brayan while carrying a shotgun, the weapon used in killing the life of the 13-year-old boy.

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The grieving added that the suspect then took off using a Chevy HHR SUV but with no plates on it that can be used for identification.

During the interview, Jesus got emotional. He showed that he is still in denial about what happened and asked the reporters about the reason for the shooting and said that he still does not get why the incident happened as they were just working on a lawnmower, and all of a sudden his brother is dead.

According to Daily Mail, a neighbor also stated that two other men were riding the car on the night of the incident during the initial investigation.

As of Friday, investigators still could not determine any link between the victim and the gunman.

Clayton County police officer Doug Jewett wrote a newspaper that, in his more than 38 years in service, the senseless murder and brutal incident shocked him and overwhelmed him.

Jewett also sent his prayers to the victim's family, who is still grieving about Brayan's loss.

As of the moment, the Police department in Clayton County is currently looking for information about the shooting incident, and they encourage the public that if they have any idea about the murder, just contact the investigators at (770) 477-4479.

A fundraiser was also set up to help the funeral cost for the victim, which has exceeded already $22,000 as the Clayton police search continues to track down the shooter.

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