An avenging ex-husband has the bright idea to blow up his house with his wife and him inside. Nothing ever went to plan because his spouse survives, and he dies in prison.

Truth is stranger than fiction, but that's what happened to Ian Clowes, who was supposed to vacate his conjugal home. He thought of triggering a gas explosion for a good alibi, to kill his wife, Elaine, in Poole, Dorset a couple of years ago.

Like a good comedy, he was inside the house when it went with his ex-wife inside it. But she survived the explosion when it was supposed to cover up his murder attempt. One prison official said that he died in prison. It is ironic, reported The Sun.

According to sources, Clowes was diagnosed with cancer at the Andover hospital's palliative care unit when he was transferred for treatment there. This was reported by MailOnline.

One prison spokesman said that the HMP Winchester prisoner Ian Clowes passed away on September 13 in the hospital.

One sourced said that the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman verified that the house the couple is living in is split into several flats.

 The wife had a legal cause to evict her husband, who was in the apartment on the second floor when the gas explosion left the house a pile of rubble. Neighbors thought a bomb went off when the house exploded.

Elaine survived the blast with minor injuries, went they searched in the debris in her bedroom. Clowes was hospitalized for some time in the blast that he caused in October 2018.

Another person, Steve Purton, was in the upper floor doing DIY when the angry-ex caused the blast. The rescue crews saw the upper floor turned into a total wreck and debris.

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Purton, an engineer, said it was so loud when the boom happened. He describes bits of wreck and debris of Clowes's house hitting his. The avenging ex-husband blew up his house and miscalculated.

The engineer looked outside and saw parts of the wrecked house all over his home and cat. Noticing the half of the Clowes home was half in debris, but his wife got fewer injuries than ex-hubby.

He went to a hospital for his burns and trauma. He had 30-percent burns, and the blast made him comatose for more than thirty days.

 Clowes's neighbor thought it was a coincidence that the house blast happened on the day he was forced out.

When Elaine got better to see the destroyed house and check, she apologized for what happened, but Steven told her that he knew.

 Ian Clowes, aged 66, had a company and stayed in the top flat of the house. Fire crews had a hard time rescuing him in the wreckage. They later found orange canisters on the property.

Brian Wright, 80, was surprised to see Elaine walking away from the mess. He described the wife as very disoriented, but the ex-hubby was not as lucky. EMTs had to give Clowes medical to stabilize him.

 Another witness, Rood, 57, heard the loud blast and thought it a miracle both survived. Carole, the sister of Elaine, said that her sister feels lucky to get away lightly.

 In court, the avenging ex-husband admitted to blowing up the house that counted as recklessly arson. He was sent to jail for the felony.

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