After three people who are part of the democratic campaign party tested positive for COVID-19, the party's vice-presidential bet Kamala Harris will be postponing her travels. At the same time, presidential nominee Joe Biden will continue his traveling campaign.

Early on Thursday, it was stated by Biden's camp that two people who flew in the plane with Harris had gotten a positive coronavirus test after being on a flight with Harris. Thus, her campaign trips are suspended until the end of the weekend.

However, on Thursday afternoon, the party stated that an administrative member of the airline that charters the plane for Biden has tested positive for the virus due to close contact with one crew member who tested positive, CNBC reported.

Despite this, it was stated by the party that Biden would continue his campaign since he already tested negative, and he has not gotten into close proximity with any of those who had positive results.

It was confirmed that the person who tested positive was inside the plane with Biden on his trip to Ohio on Monday until his Florida trip the following day, The Chicago Tribune reported.

In a statement by Biden's campaign manager, Jen O' Malley Dillon, it was noted that the person who tested positive was seated in the last row of the 737 Plane, wore a mask during the entirety of their travels, and did not come in close contact with them.

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Moreover, late Wednesday, the campaign confirmed that Harris' communications director and a flight crew tested positive. They stated that while the people were on the flight with Harris, she did not stay within 6 feet of these people for more than 15 minutes.

Since the day of the flight, it was also noted that Harris had already taken three PCR tests, which all came back negative, including the one done of the day of the flight.

In addition, the party had stated that none of the individuals who tested positive came in contact with Biden or Harris for at least 48 hours before their results came back.

Even so, according to The LA Times, Harris' travels until Sunday was put on pause as part of the precautions taken. But it was also stressed that Harris does not need quarantine as her contact with those who tested positive were incidental.

Campaign Outbreaks

The news of the COVID-19 infections in the Democratic camp comes after the campaign of US President Trump, the White House, and family suffered their own COVID-19 outbreak, where 30 people linked to the campaign, including the president, his wife, and their son Barron tested positive for the virus.

Biden and Harris have repeatedly targeted Trump for his recklessness in ignoring the safety precautions recommended to curb the spread of the virus. In return, Trump and his allies have also mocked the imposed protocols despite the proof of their effectiveness against COVID-19.

Trump has already returned to his campaign. He has already held rallies in large crowds as soon as his doctors gave him a go. Trump was hospitalized for three days and now claims that he is immune to the disease.

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