Unsafe toxin was detected in several dog food brands back in September that the FDA announced a recall. The products from three dog food brands were said to be affected by a toxin that was created by mold. Now, the FDA has added 15 more brands this month.

Unsafe toxin caused by mold

The company at the center of the controversy is Sunshine Mills, the maker of several pet food brands. Last week, the FDA updated the public and warned that 15 more brands were added to the recalled brands list. According to the agency, the dog food brands were tainted with aflatoxin.

FDA stated that aflatoxin is a toxin that is produced by the mold Aspergillus flavus. This toxin can grow on grains like corn that are used as ingredients in dog food. If aflatoxin is taken at high levels, it can cause illness and death in pets.

On September 2, Sunshine Mills announced a recall on certain pet food products after the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry found an unsafe level of aflatoxin in one sample.

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On October 8, Sunshine Mills expanded its recall to include other products from 15 different brands. This move prompted the FDA to issue a public advisory. You can find the complete list of dog food products that were recalled on fda.gov.

According to Fox, the FDA is reminding the public that it is important to dispose of any pet food products that have been identified as containing the unsafe toxin.

Dogs rely on dried food, and they have less variety in their diets. This means that they are at a higher risk of consuming food with an unsafe toxin like aflatoxin.

Symptoms of aflatoxin

Pets are susceptible to unsafe toxins like aflatoxin because they eat the same food almost every day. If your pet's food has aflatoxin, that dangerous toxin could accumulate in their system.

Aflatoxin poisoning causes loss of appetite, vomiting, sluggishness, yellowish tint to the eyes, skin, or gums due to liver damage, and diarrhea. Continuous consumption of unsafe toxins can result in liver issues or death.

If your pet ate one of the recalled dog foods listed by the FDA, it is important that you contact a veterinarian immediately to have your pet examined. Although humans would not be diagnosed with aflatoxin poisoning, it is still important to wash your hands when you handle your pet's food.

What pet owners need to do

If your pet is showing symptoms of aflatoxin poisoning, you need to contact a veterinarian right away. Even pets that do not show any symptoms may be suffering from liver damage, so it is important to have them checked right away.

Give the full diet history of your pet to your veterinarian. You can even provide the brand of dog food that you have bought for your pet. Throw away the product that has been recalled and contact the company listed on the package for further instructions.

Do not throw the product in a way that your pet, children, and other animals can access them. Wash your hands before you feed your pet, sanitize the food bowls, storage containers, and scoops using bleach, and rinse them well afterward with water.

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