An ex-White House doctor is convinced that Joe Biden's gaffes are symptoms of a bigger problem. The Democratic presidential nominee's cognitive is lacking, and that it will lead to more surprises.

Ronny Jackson, 53, who is also a congress hopeful under the Republican party, made these observations last Tuesday.

After the Trump campaign called a general meeting, Jackson's observations were echoed by many. Biden is losing a few screws that are not good for the presidency, reported the Sun.

Jackson had a background in medicine when he joined the White House as a physician. He said that he knows what is needed to be the POTUS. This entails a physically healthy and cognitively normal individual who can do the job.

He added that as a citizen and not as a congressional candidate, he had formed opinions critical of the Democrat candidate. Biden on campaign sorties had not been as solid as his Republican opponent. Shortcomings were showing despite attempts to hide what has been happening in his head. 

Jackson said that the Democrat presidential candidate is not mentally and cognitively sharp and is not suited to the Oval Office.

The ex-White House doctor served under the administration of George W. Bush's medical unit. He continued his service when he was chosen as a doctor to then-president Barack Obama and President Trump. Later, his experience in the Oval Office earned him a promotion as Secretary of Veteran Affairs in March 2018.

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Jackson, though, had to withdraw his nomination following accusations of over-prescribing medicines and drinking on the job. Although, the Navy rear admiral had denied these allegations. 

Poll watchers have seen the gaffes

Biden is older than Trump and is allegedly losing it in the head. The Trump campaign has been hammering that he is unfit mentally and that there have been slip-ups.

As an example, the ex-White House doctor mentioned what happened on Monday, when Biden, in an Ohio sortie, failed to recall Senator Mitt Romney. Cognitively, this is a definite failure that cannot be denied.

Jackson added that Biden had slipped up badly when he got confused about whether he was in a presidential race or a senatorial election. He was very clearly lost and confused.

Biden himself had said that he was a "gaffe machine." 

Jackson said that Biden's mistakes are not the typical gaffes. 

When asked to comment on Jackson's claims of Biden's cognitive inadequacy, a spokesperson for the former vice president's campaign pointed to the first debate wherein Trump had not only interrupted Biden a number of times but also talked over his opponent several times.  

Biden has also been accused of dodging to comment on key issues such as the court-packing.

Jackson clarified that Biden is not criticized for his age because some are still sharp at the same age. 

The ex-White House doctor stressed that everything, from physical to cognitive, is crucial to hold a president's job. 

Biden cannot carry out the needed tasks. 

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