Last Monday in the Coney Barrett Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, VP nominee Kamala Harris got caught using a teleprompter by observers. Biden's running-mate was criticized for using a teleprompter. She is derogatorily called a puppet for it.

 During the remote broadcast, the Democrat spoke about the confirmation of Barrett as the SCOTUS. What should have been a prepared statement that should have been read through was not. She made it appear that she was not reading for a script, but she did. It should have been not obvious, but she did make it so. Something that Joe Biden has been accused of doing but denies it.

 Now Harris is acting as if she is publicly speaking without it. During her speaking engagement, she did poorly trying to hide the movement of her eyes. This act only infuriated those raging at what her party is doing to block the nomination of the SCOTUS candidate, reported Meaw.

 One of the reasons why the Democratic vice-presidential nominee chose a remote appearance is fears that protocols for COVID-19. Though no Republican chose to appear as remote as she did, the Dems' actions are starting to rub raw on critical observers.

 The internet was abuzz over her latest gaffe, and online comments were vicious with elections coming soon. 

One commented that Harris should not have read from any device. This is why Donald Trump is wary and did not want a verbal debate without an audience.

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One post decried that Biden and Harris controlled like puppets by the Dem bigwigs. They were citing that VP Pence, who wiped her all over the floor in the last debate. Both cannot work without a script in a remote location.

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Kamala Harris dropped the ball even if she did not appear outside of her office. Puppets cited Axios.

 A critical netizen said that she did so bad reading of the teleprompter, and adding that she blew it. She was imitating Biden's deplorable performance as well. Congratulations on her choices in politics, adding that she must be proud too.

 Some nastier comments called her a joke. That most of her constituents in California think. Biden's VP as hiding intentionally to cheat on public speaking. They called her a phony with the worse speech to add insult to injury.

 More lashed out and mentioned that Harris did not need the prompter to use in a brain-dead speech that was patronizingly deceitful. It got terrible, who one opinion expressed how terrible and pathetic the speech was too. One part said that she should fire herself and the author of the speech.

No one likes the Biden VP and heaped on more negative words than even Biden got. The California Senator is described as too dramatic and droned on boorishly with such inability. 

 Compared to her, Joe Biden is much preferable by far. Saying Biden was better reflected poorly on the performance of Kamala Harris. Having the teleprompter should have been better, but she did poorly. Most perceive her in the negative and like the Harris-Biden administration gaff.

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