The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force said all Chinese future military planes would get stealth coating on it. The question is, how far are they in its development, or is it propaganda?

 According to a report, the PLA AF is driving to improve its planes' stealth via coatings and standardized markings installed on them. The Chinese claim they will be less seen by eyesight and military radar. To date, the U.S. has one of the most advanced radars and spy planes that detect electronic signals and radiation. Chinese has made a substandard AWACS copy that is of low quality.

The new regulation dictates that new planes will have low observable coatings and markings on them. All airplanes of the PLA AF have required identifications, and the Chinese flag, Air Force, and the RedCross said the PLA Daily, reported Defense Aerospace.

 China fears that not having their aircraft unprotected from more advanced radar and sensors used by the U.S. military and even India is deadly. Adapting to low observability lessens the chances of getting shot down.

Application of the special paint lessens corrosion and identifies where the craft originates. It acts as camouflage to mask the shape on the skyline when seen by observers. The end goal is to make the plane less observable in modern combat.

Chinese are attempting to replicate the U.S. technology of low observable coatings and markings that conceal planes in stationary or in-flight. For a long time, Americans have been using this technology, said Ordnance Industry Science Technology, about the technology.

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This way of thinking, including the U.S., developed low observable coatings and markings that would help planes blend into their environment, proving to be useful during combat. Ordnance Industry Science Technology, a Xi'an-based magazine on the national defense industry, reported on it.

 Before allowing the installation of the low-visibility coatings, they were tested for efficacy if they are useful.

China's touted J-20 fighter is yet to be verified as capable as the F-35 or F-22, but all the same, the CCP claims it is less detectable by electronics and spotters. The Russian knockoff J-16 has been used as a testbed for the stealth paint, from 2018. But some sectors are asking of the data is homegrown or from other sources.

The J-16 was illegally copied from the Sukhoi Su-27  when it was purchased and replicated some of its systems. Though the engines have been copied yet have yielded a less powerful copy of the Soviet bruiser. But, now the J-16 has a different radar-absorbing coat.

According to a Chinese pilot, the newly applied paint could evade the American's most advanced radar and less evident to spotters. 

The new coat provides the J-16 with stealth capabilities. Not only against the naked eye but also with electromagnetic devices, said Chinese Air Force pilot Jiang Jiaji last year on China Central Television.

Chinese Global Times claimed the stealth coating could be used on the Chinese military is on par with more establish non-Chinese sources.

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