The American palate is now familiar with the taste of Indian cuisine, and through the years, the country has witnessed its popularity. From plates of chicken masala, fluffy naan, dosa, chaat to samosas, the average American is already craving Indian food.

But although the cuisine is making its rounds across each state, it's origin and the whole set up is still not fully understood in the country.

There are a lot of Indian restaurants in America, but very few serve authentic taste. Here are some of the best Indian restaurants in the country that you must go to.

Adda in Queens, New York

New York City is known to have the most diverse restaurant scene in the world. Whatever cuisine from any country you are looking for, you will definitely find it here.

When it comes to Indian cuisine, Adda is the go-to restaurant. The restaurant is headed by chef Chintan Pandya, and it is located in Long Island City in Queens.

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What makes this establishment stand out is that Pandya does not try too hard. He focuses on packing flavor into every single dish.

One of the must-try dishes on the menu is offal with gingery chicken livers called tawa kaleji. You can also try their goat brains called bheja fry. If you are a vegetarian, you can order lotus root kofta and cheese-stuffed naan.

Badmaash in Los Angeles, California

Badmaash is run by brothers Nakul and Arjun Mahendro and their father, Pawan. The menu is exotic but still honors its traditional dishes.

You can go for their perfectly flakey samosas with creamy butter chicken. They also offer tandoori chicken tikka over masala fries, and you can douse it with beef gravy and cheese curds. It is like an Indian version of the Canadian poutine.

The other dishes that they have are spiced mango pork belly, braised beef short ribs with turmeric, cumin, and garlic, and Parle-G, which is a popular Indian cookie.

Cumin in Chicago, Illinois

Cumin is the perfect spot for those who want to try something new but still have the option to order their favorites like chicken tikka masala and crispy vegetable samosas.

This restaurant manages to serve both Indian and Nepalese cuisine, so you can order lamb biryani and garlic naan while also enjoying steamy chicken momos, which is a popular Nepalese dumpling. You can also try the Namche Bazar Ko Sekuwa, which is a plate of boneless goat meat served in a sizzling platter.

Ghee Indian Kitchen in Miami, Florida

Ghee Indian Kitchen is owned by chef Niven Patel. He personally grows 15% of the produce that he serves on his 2-acre property, which is called Rancho Patel.

Aside from onions and potatoes, he also raises mangoes, taro leaves, turmeric, and Indian eggplant. The result is the best-selling dish Rancho Patel vegetable poriyal. You can also try Rancho Patel baby eggplant that is made with Yukon potatoes and heirloom tomatoes.

Himalaya in Houston, Texas

Texas city is the home to one of the largest South Asian populations in the United States, this explains why one of the best Indian restaurants in the country is in Texas.

Himalaya is owned by chef Kaiser Lashkari, and he serves Indian and Pakistani favorites like tender chicken kebabs and biryanis.

You can also try hara masala, a dish that is made with green chilies, yogurt, cilantro, and garam masala. They also serve quesadilla made with parathas and a tres leches topped with a thick drizzle of mango puree.

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