Hurricane Delta to Follow the Same Path as Laura, To Weaken After Hitting Land

Oct 09, 2020 12:56 PM EDT

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LOUISIANA - Six weeks after Hurricane Laura hit the southwest coastal area of the state, the latest forecast shows that within the next few hours, Hurricane Delta will make its landfall in almost the exact same spot.

Based on the initial assessment, the area in the eastern part of the center of circulation will have the highest possibility of experiencing heavy rain with tornadoes and dangerous flooding, hurricane-force winds, and life-threatening storm surge.

Despite the efforts of the local government in cleaning up, still, they are still not done in disposing all of the debris on the ground especially in the southwest area of the state, and some say that it is a terrible situation for Louisiana as debris can be potential projectiles that can cause more structural damage, compromising homes and other business establishments, Fox News reported.

Even that the storm weakens as it continues to approach the coast of the state with its strong upper level and cooler water ahead of its trajectory, the storm surge, and the heavy rain that in can produce together with strong and damaging winds can still be life-threatening.

The initial report shows that the rainfall that it can produce will around four to 10 cinches but in some areas, these numbers might increase, it will also fall along the coast and inland over the Tennessee/Mississippi Valley over the weekend.

Hurricane Delta will be weak as it approaches the northeastern part in the next few days.

On the other hand, the Pacific Northwest area will be busy as few systems will be moving within their area which will bring mountain snow and coastal rain.

Meanwhile, for numerous states across the Plains and Midwest, warm lies ahead with daytime highs ranging from 15 to 20 degrees higher than the normal temperature.

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Salvation Army Prepares for Disaster Relief

According to Daily Advertiser via MSN, the Salvation Army is currently monitoring the situation of the hurricane closely as they prepare to respond, placing their disaster relief equipment and its personnel on standby.

Emergency Services Director, Terry Lightheart of The Salvation Army Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi Division, the Salvation Army is prepared for the approaching Hurricane Delta.

She also shared that they are monitoring the system in conjunction with local and state emergency management partners and agencies of national weather services.

Lightheart also mentioned that they currently have seven mobile feeding units that are ready to be deployed and an additional seven units on standby in case there is a need to provide food and hydration to those who will be affected, especially in the potentially affected area.

Residents Evacuate Due to Expected Storm Surge

This year, the active hurricane season of Louisiana, forced some coastal communities to evacuate three to four times.

Based on the reports, people in the center of Cypremort's Vermillion Bay are already preparing for a storm surge that is above their heads, just like what they had experienced during Hurricane Laura as this time it will a far more direct hit, SFGate reported.

People who crabbed for a number of years in Vermillion Bay and others who make their livelihood in the area are pulling their boats, bringing their profits back to zero, so that they will not lose any traps in the waves and winds of Hurricane Delta.

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