The sky on October 6 was not usual. Any eagle-eyed stargazers would have seen the Planet Mars at the closest point it could ever get to the planet.

When Mars made its appearance, those wanting to see it will not have the same visibility on Earth-based conditions. If the right conditions are met, then Mars would be very visible at that time, reported Meaww.

The planet Mars just went its closest to Earth last Tuesday. It will happen again 15 years from now. The exact distance is 38.6 million miles away from its farthest point from planet earth.

This happens when the orbit of Mars and Earth are at the nearest points in their rotation around the Sun. Last Tuesday, Mars would have been at its brightest points.

 It will be easy to see Mars without telescopes in the good conditions with the naked eye, but telescopes would be better. According to scientists that at its most visible, it will be 15 or 17 years give or take. For October, expect Mars to be very visible during this time too.

 Experts say that this approach chronologically happens for every 26-month as a fact, mark calendars on December 8, 2022, said NASA. For sending probe and spacecraft to Mars, this is the best and closest proximity. It's also good to launch Mars missions too. This year the Perseverance Rover just launched and is on the way to the red planet.

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An official statement from NASA verifies the phenomena. When Mars nearest approach on October 6, 2020, its approximate distance is 62.07 million kilometers in space. Sight Mars would reward the sky-gazer a sight of Mars that is very visible almost all night. It will be seen in the southern sky, with Mars at its peak. 

 It is advised as the best time to have the best Mars view, especially if Sol is away at the Earth's opposite side. No Sun is blurring up space images because Earth covers Mars from the bright sun.

 EarthSky. Org said if they saw the celestial event and are from the continental US and Canada, it would be brightest are particular times. These would vary with the location and time zone the observer is, knowing the best time for event important.

 Overall, the movement of the earth, moon, and sun in their orbits are regular as clockwork but it lasts only moments.

 The appearance of Mars will be like an orb that looks red in the sky if it was viewed. Unlike starlight, this is more constant. Looking towards the east early in the evening, it was also visible to the west before the coming of dawn. 

Even if Mars can be seen with the naked eye,  it is still about 33.9 million miles or 54.6 million kilometers away, which is still very far. Though Mars getting as close as that is a rare cosmic event that is cyclic, not random too.

 During 2003, Mars was closest in 60,000 years which is a long time. It will happen again in 2287, which is 267 years from now. Just survive almost 300 years until the next Mars event.

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