A mother of three's heart detonated after she underwent a stretch marks removal treatment famous with celebrities. She responded negatively to carboxytherapy.


According to family members, 45-year-old Claudia Bertoldi was treated in a Concordia clinic in Argentina. Her stretch marks treatment involved infused carbon dioxide administered into the body.

Also according to her brother Claudio Bertoldi, the woman was undertaking her carboxytherapy's second session of at the center when the mother experienced complications. He stated that the Canal 5 Noticias staff inserted carbon dioxide intravenously that led to her heart's detonation.

Bertoldi's brother has reported the clinic for malpractice. He added that the incident devastated a family that took a mother from three young children aged 5, 12, and 21 years old, reported News Chant.

The non-surgical treatment famous with celebrities is asserted to bolster blood flow and expand the skin's elasticity to treat stretch marks and diminish the appearance of cellulitis.

Fatal Error

According to Claudio, his sister had "spectacular health and an enormous vitality." In his report, he stated that the staff made the fatal fallacy of injecting carbon dioxide intravenously, reported Mirror.

Carboxytherapy could also be applied to the buttocks, face, legs, and stomach. It has the capacity to bolster the blood's circulation in particular areas and has a necrotizing impact on fat tissue.

Claudio alleged that the clinic's staff were untrained and that the procedure was supposed to be conducted by a professional. Currently, an autopsy is being conducted on Bertodli's body, but till later this week, it would not be publicly available.

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"They injected that into her veins, it went to her heart and they exploded it," according to Claudio. He was reported the information by the official who oversaw Bartoldi's autopsy, reported The Sun.

"When the autopsy finished, the doctors came out and told us this, but that report has to be signed and they have to send it to the prosecutor and that has not happened yet," he continued.

Police officials have reportedly stated the strongest conjecture behind the fatality was after carbon dioxide was administered into a vein. The error would have abruptly killed her upon reaching her heart. The investigation has been initiated and the autopsy report is slated to identify the cause of Bartoldi's death. In the probing, equipment used in the process, security camera footage, agendas, and other items of interest have been gathered.

The official cause of death is still undetermined. The official report is the mere method to determine how Bartoldi died and is expected to be issued this week.

Detectives who have been probing the clinic has to ensure it was legally establishing its practices and had the proper staff to initiate them.

The woman's family have issued an official complaint against the unspecified for negligence.

According to Claudio, "I spoke with a lot of specialists and they all agreed that no person other than a doctor or nurse is qualified to do these injections. She had three children, they destroyed a family. This cannot continue to happen."

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