Prince Harry and Prince William's feud is continues to mount and now, lying about Archie's birth is thrown into the picture. A new book entitled "Battle of Brothers" penned by Robert Lacey divulges the details regarding the two siblings' rift and all the hurdles leading up to an eventual falling out.

Meghan Markle's Time of Birth Earlier in Reality

An excerpt divulged, "unlike every other royal birth of modern times took place in total secrecy: Buckingham Palace announced at 2pm on May 6, 2019, that Meghan had gone into labour that morning." In truth, she had safely given birth to her infant Archie eight hours earlier, at 5.26am, reported The News International.

Prince William Asked to Stop Rushing Into Marriage With Meghan Markle

Also, according to the memoir, Prince William ignited the ire of Prince Harry by turning to their uncle Earl Spencer to advise him to take his and Meghan Markle's relationship slowly.

The Duke of Cambridge reportedly called in the brother of her late mother after blunt and crabby reactions to his own efforts to talk to the Duke of Sussex, reported Inside Express.

Prince William could not get his grip how his younger brother could ruminate marrying an untested and yet to be fully known woman less than two years following their first meeting.

'Surrogate' Father

According to sources, Prince Harry will allegedly bond for Christmas with "surrogate" father David Foster. Prince William was reportedly angry with Prince Harry that he declined to have lunch with him prior to the Sandringham Summit, reported The Sun.

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Past Unbreakable Bond

Prince William, 38, and Prince Harry, 36 used to trained to manhandle helicopters together, clown around, and shared experiences from a traumatic upbringing.

Before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex crossed paths, the brothers were living alongside each other at Kensington Palace. Prince Harry would visit Prince William and Kate Middleton's apartment and play with their kids.

On Megxit

The biography also unveils the British royal family's disappointment regarding the Sussexes' decision to renounce their membership as senior working members of the royal family early this 2020. The Queen believed that the decision was done unsteadily and impulsively. She even proposed that Prince Harry and Markle to relocate to Africa from one to two years for their bonding.

Impact on the Royal Family

The siblings' ongoing rift could result to adverse effects on the royal family in the long run. Lacey stated that their saga would go down as one of the royal family's largest scandals. The memoir is reportedly a counter to the Prince William and Markle's memoir, "Finding Freedom."

Adding to Prince Harry and Prince William's rift, the Firm also found it unfavorable when Prince Harry and his wife made an effort to trademark "Sussex Royal" to commercialize the throne without Queen Elizabeth II's authorization.

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