Halloween is fast approaching, and even though there are safety guidelines for this year's holiday season, such as avoiding trick-or-treating and limiting the gatherings, there are still numerous ways to make the scary event unique and festive. Halloween is far from being canceled this year.

The following activities are some of the most fun and festive ideas you can do this Halloween in a new-normal way. So, prepare yourself and be ready with your costumes because Halloween is coming your way.

Virtual Halloween Party

Quarantine will not stop you from celebrating Halloween this year. Send the link to your virtual Halloween party with your friends and family by using Zoom or Google Hangouts. This virtual party will be festive and fun if your guests decide to put on their costumes as well!


Ghosting is a new term this quarantine season where you will prepare cute and spooky treat bags for your neighbors and friends, but the best thing about it is, you will leave them at their doorstep. Place a note inside that says to create their own treat bag and ghost someone else to pass this new tradition as the world is still in the virus's threat.


Dress up, bring treats and a bag before hopping to your car and driving to the nearest largest parking area around you.

Don't forget your spooky face mask and maintain a distance of six feet from your friends and neighbors gathered in the lot while exchanging treats with one another. As you circle and follow the social distancing protocols, get a very long rope and let others tie or attach the goodies you brought and move the string clockwise or vice versa to share your treats.

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Twilight Hunt

If you organized a small Halloween gathering in your backyard, you could set up fun games for your guests. Buy glow-in-the-dark stickers online and attach them to your goodies and let your guests find them throughout the party and hand flashlights to your guests to aid them in their search of the goodies.

House decoration

What is Halloween if you don't decorate your house with beautifully-crafted pumpkins and spooky spider webs? Nothing can get you in the Halloween spirit than feeling the scary vibe flow into your home. Carve those pumpkins and let the joy and spookiness of Halloween hunt you and your guests.

Halloween Dinner

This year will be very different from previous Halloweens because the coronavirus threat still limits you from doing the things you love to do. But worry no more as there are several recipes you can follow to make you feel the Halloween spirit.

Trying new recipes can be scary - which is perfect for this Holiday, but it's only scary because you have no idea where to start. You can make a spooky Jack-O'Lantern pumpkin filled with meat and rice. There are recipes and instructions all over the internet; you just have to search and prepare the ingredients needed.

Scary Movie Marathon

A classic and safe activity you can do this Halloween is watching scary movies. Don't forget to prepare the popcorns, candies, and your films. You can always invite a friend or two to this activity and celebrate your mini Halloween party in the new normal way.

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