A pregnant woman who went missing was found lifeless in Washington. One of the suspects is her paramour who might have killed the victim and disposed her corpse.

The corpse found in Pierce County is thought to be Kassandra Cantrell who disappeared more than a month ago. On Tuesday, her remains were finally found and the authorities are still looking for leads in the crime scene. When the victim died, she was 3-months pregnant according to sources.

Soon after the remains was located, the main suspect for the cruel murder is sought after. The police got GPS information from the truck of her ex, based on the GPS coordinates that guided the search for areas near Chambers Creek Road W. in University Place, mentioned by Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer reported Meaww.

On the day of the search at 2:00 p.m., authorities discovered the remains all wrapped and thrown over a hill near Chambers Creek. According to the detective, the search teams involved had to do a high-angle-ropes operation to get to the remains. They identified the corpse as Kassandra Cantrell.

Tacoma police went the residence of Colin Patrick Dudley, 37, who went along peacefully with the arresting officers. He was brought to the Pierce County Jail as a murder suspect, told the Sheriff's office. 

Sources say that the investigators were confident of their success, expressing their work will lead to closure for the bereaved. Troyer added that the loss was regretful as well.

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It was the morning of August 25 when the 33-year-old pregnant victim was last seen by her family. Her loved ones saw her on that day, in their Parkland residence. However, she was nowhere to be found after that. They reported a missing person's bulletin for her.

Her remains were disposed on a lonely hillside after a thorough investigation. Other details were provided by her mother, Marie Smith, saying the victim was supposed to have an ultrasound at the doctors.

The victim planned to pick up food at the grocery before heading home. But her mother said that her daughter never got home, adding that her daughter had no cash, and her debit card was unused, cited Daily Mail.

Last September 1, the detectives received a warrant to scour the ex-boyfriend's home for any evidence or leads. Troyer said they found a video of the suspected killer parking the victim's white Mazda car at Tacoma Dome, noted Daily Star Post.

The detective informed that the case will be considered homicide until no evidence to refute it. Authorities were not sure if the suspect was indeed the culprit. They wanted to move one faster to clear him or consider him the key suspect. The mother told the detectives about the car's whereabouts but she had doubts and was not convinced, stating her daughter valued her safety.

She said that she knew her daughter and she was convinced that there is something fishy about her disappearance, adding that her dogs would never be left behind since her pooches were like her kids. Her mother told Q13 that she missed her daughter a lot. 

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