The death of a Russian Ballerina from the Bolshoi Theatre has been reopened with evidence that her then manager is guilty of slaying the victim. He is accused of extorting the victim with lewd pictures. The woman's corpse was dismembered, dissolved in sulfuric acid to hide the murder from Russian authorities. 

Olga Demina, 25-years old went missing six years. New leads in the case that has been ongoing the last six years has evidence to tie the suspect. Russian police say that Olga was blackmailed because of lewd pictures that someone took, which led to her death, reported Meaww. 

The main suspect of her disappearance is Malkhaz Dzhavoev, 40-years old, alleged to be her lover and manager. Sources say that the manager got detained 2017 in Germany when he was sent back to Moscow by German authorities. Reports indicate that he escaped Russia as a false Kurd, when a warrant by the Interpol led to his apprehension, noted The Sun.

 He was later given a prison sentence of 5.5 years, with fraud that involved a flat owned by Alexey Fetisox, the boyfriend of Olga. Leads also point the involvement of Alexey in the Demina case. When the manager was interrogated by the Komsomolskaya Pravda, one official said that Dzhavoev made a mistake. He slipped and said that the Ballerina's body was chopped up and dissolved with acide. The body parts were thrown into a well close to a lake.

 One source said a search for any remains will be done, adding there might remnants of the dismembered parts. They are needed as evidence. It seems that her manager, went with the victim on an out-of-town trip before she was gone.

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During the trip, he alleged that she had a private performance with businessmen in a nightclub. More evidence show that the manager with his father got industrial sulfuric acid too.

 But, Police got a skull a year ago, where the manager's mobile was pinged on the night the Ballerina disappeared. Examination showed it was not Olga's. Her mother Elena in an interview, said the killer chopped her corpse, used acid to dissolve the evidence. Adding her daughter paid money to Dzhavoev to keep her reputation intact. Even selling her car to a Malkhaz to pay off the extortionist, the Scottish Sun.

 The victim had to open loans to satiate her manager's greed or be ruined. Malkhaz had her by the neck, and he took advantage of it.

One report alleged that Olga was afraid he would leak the lewd and compromising images on the internet. But, Dzhavoev still posted them despite payment to keep it private. On the night of August 20, 2014, the killer attacked his victim and killed her with premeditated murder, according to the court documents.

 Before her daughter disappeared, the mother got an eccentric text sent from Olga's mobile. It wrote that a large amount of money was stolen by the victim, and said she cannot return to Moscow. Informing that she would be in Europe for 10-days. Lastly, the text included that her mother must not answer calls or try to find the victim. Police think it was sent by the suspected murderer of Olga.

The trial continues as Dzhavoev's denies the charges against him, and alleged Olga is abroad. According to the family, he stole from her and then dismembered and dissolved Olga's corpse in acid.

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