As an adult, when you have the flu, it feels like the end of the world; it feels like nothing can make you feel better. Some food can even make you feel worse without you even realizing it.

There are many nutrient-dense foods that are good for the body whenever you're sick, but not all food provides the same benefits. Even your favorite comfort food can make you feel worse, and you should avoid them when you have the flu. Knowing what to avoid when you're sick can help you recover faster.

Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages

Caffeine and alcohol can make you and your symptoms worse because they weaken your immune system and cause dehydration. When you have the flu, your body temperature rises, making you sweat more, and dehydration is something you should avoid when you have a fever.


Histamine liberators are foods that have high histamine, and one of those is Spinach. The human body naturally produces histamine when triggered by allergy symptoms. Eating Spinach may result in an extensive histamine amount that may further worsen fatigue, congestion, and other signs of flu.

Dairy products

Dairy foods are hard to digest because of the Lactose compound they contain. Not only are they challenging to digest, but dairy foods also increase the body's mucus production.

Mucus can worsen the symptoms of the flu and make you feel more nauseous. It is well-advised to avoid dairy products while the flu symptoms are present.

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Sugary food or beverages

Fruit juices rich in vitamin C are often harmful to drink whenever you are sick, and these products are also rich in sugar, which is not healthy for the human body, especially when you are ill. Sugary foods and juices aren't nutritionally dense and can cause inflammation of your immune system.

Processed foods

When you have the flu, your body is trying to heal itself, so you need to support this by ingesting nutritious food, but fast food or boxed foods have fewer nutrients. It is better to avoid processed food and have a healthier diet, especially when you are sick.


While Broccoli does contain immune-boosting nutrients and is quite beneficial because it is rich with fiber, it is better to avoid this vegetable because it is difficult to digest. Reduce your body's need to focus its attention on digesting and more into fighting against the infection by avoiding Brocollo altogether.

Greasy foods

Fatty foods slow down your digestion, making your body work harder to digest them. The fats present in the food could upset your stomach and take the energy you need to fight the infection instead. It is best to avoid or limit yourself from eating high saturated fat, and steamed food is an alternative to fried and greasy food when you have the flu.

Jagged or rough edges food

Flu occasionally causes sore throat; therefore, crackers, chips, crispy foods, and food with similar textures can damage your throat and worsen any soreness within that area. It is best to avoid these foods while your body is recovering from the infection, and it is always advised to take plenty of water.

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