Christmas is fast approaching, and it is never too early to prepare for all the festivities and unique activities. The whole world is looking forward to Christmas because of the positive vibe and the harmonious atmosphere that this season brings.

Since Christmas just around the corner, Here is a list of some of the most unique and fun activities you do to make the most out of the Holiday season.

Photo Booth

Capture memories with a Christmas Photo Booth. This activity can be an excellent way for you and your friends and family to celebrate the holiday season. It will make for a bonding experience among family and friends.

Another advantage of this activity is that Photo booths are relatively simple to set up; find an appropriate background, make the props, set the camera up, and you're ready to start the fun. The pictures you take can also be stored for safekeeping, which you can look at in the future to remember fond memories.

Slumber Party

Have your friends over for a slumber party to create more unforgettable and crazy memories. Getting together under the Christmas tree can be a new thing this Christmas since going out is still somewhat risky.

There is nothing more fascinating than seeing the stars shining up in the sky in the presence of loved ones while having some fun.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Buy a box of a unique Christmas game, the Christmas Scavenger Hunt. The pack includes 220 cards and will have you scrounging around your home looking for that mysterious spot or item.

This game is an excellent adventure for families to experience and to learn how each other solves problems. It also builds cooperation and coordination in handling challenges and puzzles.

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Snowman in a bottle

Create a Snowman in a bottle during a crafting session on Christman day. Let your family and friends showcase their artistic sides.

There are instructions online that you can follow, or you can just be creative with how your snowman in a bottle ends up by making it yourself.

When making a Snowman in a bottle, you'll only need glitters, glue, warm water, a glue gun, a spoon, and a mason jar. This art session is suitable for both kids and kids-at-heart in bringing out their craftsmanship.

Ugliest Sweater Competition

A little competition on Christmas Day is not a bad thing. This idea might be silly to some, but it is undoubtedly fun. Tell your family and friends to prepare their ugliest sweater ahead of time to make the competition more fun and exciting.

This game is one of the more simple and easy activities you can do to be creative during the holiday season.

Act of Kindness

Christmas is a time of giving; therefore, it is always a great idea to donate clothes and toys to charity, visit nursing homes, and possibly send care packages or even a simple Holiday card for the troops overseas.

There are several ways to show kindness and appreciation this holiday season; just let other people feel what Christmas is all about.

Hiking or Skating

As simple as it sounds, going for a hike or merely skating on Christmas is a unique activity you can do with your family and friends.

Pack everything you'll need and find a perfect spot to set up your Christmas family pick on top of a hill or mountain. Make sure to remember to bring your equipment and have enough food to enjoy during your break.

Tree Lighting Ceremony

You don't have to fly to New York City to experience a Tree Lighting Ceremony; you can find a local event at your town and watch from the side of the road while sipping coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

A local tree lighting ceremony will still give you the feeling of beauty and holiday cheer, similar to the one in New York City.

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