A potential second set of direct payments could still be distributed before the November election with discussions about the next stimulus relief package stalled and pressure piling up within Washington.

Second stimulus check distribution

CNET reports that the possible second stimulus checks could base their distribution date on the previous first direct payments. It could also include similar qualifications for the first batch of stimulus checks.

If lawmakers do agree on the proposal of a second stimulus check, the schedule for its distribution, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said it would most likely take about one week to prepare. He added about 50 million direct payments could be distributed relatively quickly.

Analysts referred to calendars of the House of Representatives and the Senate and one of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's statements in estimated a potential timeline for the second set of direct payments.

The Senate could pass a bill for the stimulus checks around September 30 and subsequently passed by the White House and the United States president the days after. The schedule would place the distribution of the first batches of payments at around the second week of October.

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The analysis gives about two weeks since the Senate's initial passing before the stimulus checks are distributed to the American people. By then, it all depends on how quickly lawmakers can agree on a proposal that would determine when the actual date of distribution would be for the direct payments.

Experts also looked into Donald Trump's presidential orders as a potential source of financial support for Americans. If the Republican leader signs his action by September 13, the direct deposits of the funds will start around the third week of September. The order would also see the distribution of paper checks on October 26.

Estimated coronavirus relief bill

In late July, the Senate proposed the HEALS Act as the country's financial support suffering through the coronavirus pandemic. The bill would include the second set of direct payments, but its finalization is still far from known, as reported by Tom's Guide.

The HEALS Act would provide more than just $1,200 stimulus checks to citizens; it would also extend the federal unemployment benefits, although less than the previous $600 per week that was given, and includes a new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that would support businesses and provide more funding to schools and COVID-19 testing and research.

According to New on News, lawmakers from the House of Representatives, Senate, and the White House agree that they should distribute a second set of $1,200 stimulus payments. However, the problem lies in how much either side wants to give, as Democrats proposed a $2 trillion package while Republicans want no more than $1 trillion.

Senator Bernie Sander previously said that the country was in a state of crisis of democracy. He urged Congress to move forward with a relife bill because Americans are suffering, and families struggle to get by.

Mnuchin said a new stimulus check could be distributed as early as a week after lawmakers agree on a deal. The accelerated timeline is much faster than the previous CARES Act, which took 19 days to be given out in March.

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