Rings are symbol of victory. - This was proven twice during the Super Bowl ring ceremony of the Kansas City Chiefs were not only the ones who received rings but also Patrick Mahome's long-time girlfriend as the football star asked for her hand in marriage.

In an interview with KCSP 610 Sports Radio, Mahomes talked about the current NFL season and also his engagement with Brittany Mathews. Mahomes also noted that asking Matthews to marry him was more heart-pounding than the last quarter of the Superbowl.

Moreover, he noted that his teammates have been giving him advice on the wedding and his possible choices for the Best Man.

The soon to be bride also shared the details of how the proposal came to be in her Instagram post. She stated how Mahomes started the day by going into the Arrowhead Stadium field to claim his championship ring after their team's victory in Superbowl LIV.

After which, the 24-year-old Superbowl MVP went up to the suites of the stadium where he brought out the ring and surprised his long-time girlfriend with a wedding proposal.

Matthew's proposal was dubbed as an "MVP Proposal," due to the grandness of the gesture. According to several reports, there have been at least 1,000 roses in the scene for Matthews.

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Another thing that was talked about during the interview was the price of the ring that now sits on Matthew's hand. According to Fox, the ring's estimate cost is between $350,000 to $800,000. This was revealed by Kathryn Money, senior vice president of Brilliant Earth.

Money also noted that the engagement ring that Mahomes gave to his now fiancé features an emerald cut diamond which is around eight to ten carats. The diamond is nested on either a platinum diamond-adorned double band or a white gold band.

The grand gesture and costly ring seem to be not a problem for the quarterback as he has already signed a contract extension with the Chiefs for $450 million which ties him for another 10 years.

From High School to a Lifetime

Mahomes and his soon to be wife have been together long before the Superbowl MVP has set foot in the NFL. The pair are said to be high school sweethearts.

Like her future husband, Matthews is also inclined to sports. During her college years, she played soccer at UT-Tyler while Mahomes was scoring touchdowns at Texas Tech. She also became a professional soccer player in Iceland.

However, she did not play in the big leagues for long as she decided to open Brittany Lynne Fitness, her own personal training business. Matthews also noted that she realized that her passion was more inclined in training than playing ball. She also added that after her first season in playing she fell in love with the gym more than the soccer field.

At the moment, the details of the wedding are still being worked out by the couple. During his interview, Mahomes said that his teammates have been really good at giving out suggestions and advice on the wedding and married life.

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