Prattville, AL - After an outburst of domestic violence at their home, a father could be put into execution as he punched his pregnant wife so hard that led to the couple's newborn son died at only 38 days old.

A warning was sent to the 32-year-old man, Christopher Hundley on Monday as he could end up dying after killing his own baby son Adriel Hundley, who died in a hospital in the city of Birmingham in Alabama last August 11.

The 32-year-old allegedly punched his pregnant wife after the domestic violence at their home in Prattville, Alabama on July 4.

According to The Sun, the unborn 38-day-old baby boy, Adriel was delivered a month early than the expected date. He was so badly injured after allegedly beaten by his own father Christopher, and was placed on life support due to the acquired injuries.

Despite the efforts made by the hospital, the newborn baby boy was transferred to another hospital in Birmingham for he needs a specialist's treatment. However, he succumbed to his wounds a month ago.

CJ Robinson, the prosecutor shared with the Montgomery Advertiser that the death of Adriel was due to the injuries he acquired that were inflicted by his father to his mother.

The prosecutor shared that the capital murder charges are already on the table and they will go wherever the evidence takes them.

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Robinson also shared that while the investigation on the case continues, they will also be preparing the case for presentation to the Autauga County Grand Jury's session.

Based on the law imposed under Alabama, the law permits capital murder charges against an individual who is accused of the murder of a child aging 12 years or under. If the individual will be convicted, the sentences that can be passed against a capital murderer are death or life behind jail bars without having any parole.

The alleged suspect previously spent six months in jail after crashing a car into a tree in 2006 leading to the death of Michael Garrett, who is a 19-year-old passenger.

Hundley who is now considered by some as the killer dad is being held behind jail in lieu of a $250,000 bond. But after the death of Adriel, a page in GoFundMe was set up by Hundley and his wife according to the site, asking for donations with a caption asking for help for their family, Metro reported.

The page on GoFundMe shared information such as their son was born on the 4th of July in 2020 a month early and he was born not breathing. The page also mentioned that their son was born without any oxygen for 15minutes and he fought for his little life.

The page also stated that it has been really hard for them especially that they were not able to work at that moment in order for them to be with their baby. They also ask everyone to pray for him as he is their heart and soul and any donation as it will be a big help for them.

The fundraiser targeted $7,500 in cash but no donations have been made on it.

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