During an argument between an employee and his boss, it ended with one of them losing a finger. Allegedly, both were in the car of the boss when the argument went out of hand. 

According to the reports of the incident, the one who bit off his employee's finger is Hemant Siddharth. The unfortunate victim is Mohit Kumar who lost a digit over a harsh disagreement, reported India Times

As the story went in the reports, both of the men, one Hemant and Mohit were in Akshardham that involved work needed to be done. Later, they met and mutually decided to go to Karol Bagh using the automobile of Hemant, cited Times Now.

Apparently, they had a prior argument to this that left Hemant sore. His employer is a higher up in an Insurance firm in Delhi's Mayur Vihar. This is where the employer allegedly mangled his employee's finger. 

Reports relate that it was a heated argument between two co-workers that led to events of the finger gnawing. It was alleged to have happened on a Thursday, what started the disagreement was not reported.

 Mohit Kumar complained to authorities that the accused man called Hemant was the one who mangled his hand. No mention was given which hand had one finger severed viciously. Mohit would have had only nine fingers minus the one bitten off.

 The victim is a resident of Ghaziabad, who positively identified that Hemant Siddharth as the guilty party. There was an argument but what started it is not mentioned, but here are some more highlights during their work trip.

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When the work needed was finished by the employer and his subordinate, the other one was supposed to go home. On the drive back, the accused asked the victim if he would not go home yet. He asked if Mohit would go back to the office for urgent tasks to be done. They went back to their workplace and ended up quarreling and arguing there.

 Driving back in the car, the argument in the office just got worse and escalated. Sources say that the accused started saying cuss word and abusive language. At one-point, Mohit got slapped hard by his employer in the car.

At this point, the victim had to cover his face from getting slapped more. This is when the accused got close enough to try gnawing on a finger. Apparently, the accused really bit down hard enough to separate a finger while the victim was protecting his face from more slaps, confirmed East Mojo.

In the melee, both did not notice the separated finger that fell on the car's floor. Other events that happened or if the car was stopped was not mentioned by sources. The victim who lost a finger got kicked out the car. 

The nine fingered victim was sent to LBS Hospital, where his bitten off finger was reconnected via surgery. This was confirmed by Jasmeet Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police (East), noted Outlook.

 Hemant is being hunted by the police for biting off another man's finger with a case at Mayur Vihar precinct.

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