Russell Crowe's weight is unnecessarily a matter for public discussion. His weight is reportedly not due to his mental state.

Fluctuating Weight Reflective of Roles

Crowe's weight is usually reflective of the character he is playing. The Academy Award winner has lost pounds for roles like "Gladiator" and gained pounds for roles in "The Loudest Voice" However, tabloids do not have the same reasoning.

The actor has not been recognizable recently as he had bulked up for many roles including for his character as Roger Ailes in "The Loudest Voice" which won him a Golden Globe. He also increased in pounds for the thriller "Unhinged."

On his guesting on the daytime show "This Morning," viewers were surprised by the Hollywood superstar's appearance as he looked different. Crowe video-linked from the Australian hinterland.

Withdrawal From Public Scrutiny

According to sources, Crowe intends to become low-key from the public eye as of late to lose pounds and recover his former weight.

A source stated that people have not seen him under media attention recently due to the fact that he is making efforts to lose weight and regain his stallion built. The actor's fans are aware that he is not hesitant to alter his body for on-screen characters, reported Upnewsinfo.

Comparing Roles

In contrast, from the man the public once knew as Maximus in "Gladiator," The 56-year-old actor put on weight for his character as Roger Ailes in Showtime's "The Loudest Voice."

According to a source, Russell Crowe does not find the comments regarding his weight favorable, "Russell is getting annoyed with the focus on his weight. He considers it part of his job," reported Pop Culture.

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Physical Transformation

Aside from singer Adele, he is also undertaking a remarkable physical transformation.

The source continued, "He's no Christian Bale, who seems to gain and then lose the weight overnight, but he's told his friends not to worry; he'll get back down to fighting weight eventually. He'd really like to tell people to mind their own business. He's in no rush."

Last year, the 56-year-old was captured inside Australia's Sydney airport with his assistant appearing to be worse for wear.

He was spotted sticking his hands down track pants' back while waiting at the Bar Roma restaurant.

Regarding his unhealthy lifestyle, Crowe reportedly felt very humiliated by the photographs of him appearing overweight. He reportedly loves junk food and likes steak.

'Desperately' Trying to Drop Weight To Star in 'Gladiator' Sequel?

The "Globe" published the rumor concerning the "Gladiator" actor. He reportedly "desperately" wants to lose 150 pounds off his 350-pound frame in order to reprise his role in the second installment of the film.

Gossip Cop then debunked that "Gladiator 2" has yet to be written. Director Ridley Scott is very meticulous regarding the script's caliber and would like to ensure that the sequel lives up to the original film.

Difficulty Getting Body Back

With the annoyance regarding Russell Crowe's weight, he learned that there are downsides to altering one's physical appearance drastically in a short period. "He's learned that the older you get, the harder it is to get your old body back," the source told In Touch Weekly.

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