Eight men took advantage of an unconscious 16-year old girl. Her mother found a video of the group sexually assaulting sensitive parts of her daughter.

In Providence, Rhode Island, eight men were sentenced for taking advantage of a young girl at a party. The girl got drunk with a mixture of drinks and other party favors. The men took the chance to live out a real-life porn movie.

One of the guys decided to post the video on Facebook. However, the victim's mother saw it on Facebook. Using the video as evidence, police charged the suspects for the sexual assault, reported Meaww.


Based on the records in the possession of the police and court, the gang rape was committed on December 19, 2019. The victim spoke to Providence Investigators that she got up the next day, December 20, with discomfort on her feminine parts, and her thighs had cuts too. She told the police that she cannot remember what happened at the party and was totally unaware of the incident, noted Boston Globe.

One memory recall is getting naked in a shower stall with 15 men who laughed at her unclothed. She added that one of them must have taken pictures of her nakedness, before leading to her to the bedroom, cited The New York Post.

Reports mentioned that the victim went to the police the next day to report her gangrape, the names of her tormentors weren't given. The only thing she can give were first names, especially her two companions who brought her there. Not having the right information made it difficult for the police to identify the suspects.

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Last June, one of them posted an explicit video on Facebook. It had parts where the victim poked and stoked as they had their way with the knockout teen. This group took turns watching and assaulting her sexually. But it was enough to see who were the suspects of the gang-rape. Investigators found it disconcerting but got the job done as they arrest the suspects.

The gang rapists

Warrants for the eight suspects were obtained by the police. One is 19-year-old Carlos Vasquez, Richard Tarell Chester, 20, Luis Cabrera, 19; Jose Vargas, 19; Erving Keith Colon, 25; Malcom Baptista, 19; and Luis N Luna, 19, and Carlos Chicon, 20, all were arrested on charges related to the gang-rape.

Lapatin added that the video allowed momentum in the case to arrest the suspects on charges of sexual assault in the first degree while taking advantage of a mentally incapable person and conspiration with accomplices, confirmed Daily News.

One of the suspects Chester, is seen raping the victim. He is in custody with no bond. The majority of suspects reside in Rhode Island. All are indicted, but no one made a plea. But Vargas, Luna, and Cabrera have attorneys to represent them. While the others have none, but Chester will have a public defender to represent him.

The victim is sequestered in a safe place according to Lapatin, after getting sexually assaulted by eight men.

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