Prime Minister Boris Johnson was urged by scientists and experts to think very carefully before imposing another lockdown in response to the continuous spike in coronavirus cases.

Business leaders, scientists, and MPs told Prime Minister Johnson to consider other options first, warning that a second lockdown would be catastrophic.

Saving the economy

On September 6, there had been 2,988 new infections in the previous 24 hours, which was the highest daily rate since May 22.

On September 7, the numbers were at a similar level, with 2,948 new cases. The latest death toll of 30 was the highest number in 6 weeks, according to BBC.

However, Christopher Snowdon of the Institute of Economic Affairs said that the UK case numbers are at a fraction of where the country was back in March, and a second lockdown would be catastrophic and should be avoided.

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Snowdon added that countries like Sweden had shown a more sensible way to balance risk, liberty, and the economy.

The Government's justification for the nationwide lockdown in March was to protect the NHS and that after six months of preparation, it is unlikely that the NHS will be overwhelmed by the second wave, according to The Telegraph.

Experts weigh in

Mike Cherry of the Federation of Small Businesses said that the first lockdown in the country was damaging and that if it is possible to avoid a second one through the utilization of alternative measures to contain the virus, that will give hope to a lot of small businesses as they try to reopen.

Tej Parikh of the Institute of Directors said that business leaders would be flinching at the prospect of a return to lockdown. He said that it's paramount that whatever measures have to be taken, the support for businesses matches them.

Shaun Fitzgerald, a Cambridge professor and government adviser on social distancing, urged the public to take more precautionary measures. He said that people should do something to help like social distancing and washing hands frequently. Wearing of masks should also be taken seriously.

Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith responded to the Government announced last night, stating that social gatherings of more than six people will be banned starting September 14. Smith said that the decision is mad and ludicrous, as reported by Bustle.

Smith added that the new rule would be a "hammer blow" to the economy just as the country is starting to get things on track. He also frustratingly added that the approach is a "push me pull you" type that could also damage the public who are already starting to get back on their feet.

Theresa Villiers, former environment secretary, said that going back into lockdown would be huge setback for the economy. She hopes that the government will exhaust all the other possible options before they consider the drastic step of closing down the economy again.

Steve Baker, Tory MP, and a former Brexit minister said that a new national lockdown would spell economic, educational, civic, social, and non-COVID health doom. He added that a second lockdown must not be allowed to happen.

On September 8, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that he would not shy away from taking targeted local action, such as that imposed in Bolton.

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