A beauty salon in the UK has been slammed by the public and the media for putting a poster in its window, denying the existence of coronavirus and telling the customers that they do not have to wear face masks.

Health risk

Skin Kerr Aesthetics, Hair and Beauty, in Bootle, Merseyside, shared the notice on its official Facebook page, which has since been deleted.

The poster, stuck to the window of the salon with masking tape, had bullet points saying "'Covid Free Salon; no masks, we take cash; Covid talk is banned; you can't catch what doesn't exist.'"

The bullet points in the poster end with "#voodoovirusisbullsh**' and '#wedonotconsent' and states 'please respect the rules of the salon."

The government had created rules to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. Hairdressers and salon staff are now required to wear surgical face masks as well as clear visors when interacting with customers.

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On July 4, hairdressers and barbershops were allowed to open, and on August 15, close contact beauty services such as facials and eyebrow treatments were allowed, as reported by Metro.

In Merseyside hospitals, around 1,117 people have died of COVID-19, with many more deaths recorded in care homes and in other community facilities.

A second wave of the virus is feared as 200 school pupils and 21 staff in schools across the county were instructed to self-isolate after testing positive of COVID-19.

In the most recent seven-day period of data, from August 29 to September 4, Liverpool registered 133 new cases of the deadly virus.

Social media users were furious when they saw the poster and slammed Skin Kerr Aesthetics for being reckless and promoting bad habits. One social media user branded the owner as irresponsible.

One man even tagged the police in his post. He wrote, "Can we do something about this irresponsible business owner - @skinkerr clinic please?." He added that Merseyside is already hovering just below levels to have restrictions reimposed.

Another account warned the public to avoid the salon after seeing the sign. The user stated that if people want to get their hair or nails done in Liverpool, Skin Kerr Aesthetics should be avoided.

The manager of the salon then state through social media that she had been threatened with violence, but did not wish to discuss the poster.

Merseyside Police said that officers would be attending the salon to speak to the staff and the owner to make sure that they are aware of the responsibilities. The officers added that they would be linking in with the local authority, Sefton Council.

Coronavirus cases in the UK

According to The Guardian, the cases in the UK are rising again, with 3,000 cases recorded a day. Dozens of schools in England and Wales have reported outbreaks.

Although the number of patients in the hospitals is still low since most are self-isolating at home, the trajectory suggests that hospitalizations follow after an increased case number by several weeks.

It is impossible to have a high number of infections and community transmission and not have elderly individuals and those with preexisting conditions hospitalized.

This means that a new wave will put another strain on the NHS, and all of the establishments that were allowed to open and all the businesses that were allowed to run may be forced to close down again if the cases are not contained.

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