Weddings are events made for celebrating love with your family and close friends. For lavish celebrity weddings, they tend to have the resources to organize in quite more grandeur than the rest of us.

Extravagance is at the forefront; gospel bands, fancy cars, towering cakes, and imported flower arrangements. You could add celebrity guest lists, chartered private jets, acclaimed, horse-drawn carriages, and couture gowns.

People are obsessed with celebrities' relationships. These couples could allot merely small fortunes that would allow them to have the wedding of their dreams.

The average cost of an American wedding has skyrocketed to more than $35,300. Notably, royal weddings cost millions primarily due to allocation for security, reported Insider.

Memories of the million-dollar weddings even last longer than marriages in Tinseltown. Throw in a 7-pound tiara and the event would be more newsworthy.

Here are some of the most lavish celebrity nuptials of all time:

1. Prince Charles, Lady Diana Spencer's 1981 Wedding

This royal wedding would cost a stunning $110 million in today's money taking into account inflation, reported Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Although Prince Charles and Princess Diana's extravagant celebration transpired decades ago, no other celebrity wedding has amounted to its cost.

The former couple allocated most of their budget on security. The five-foot-tall cake and Princess Diana's dress that had a 25-foot train and was dotted with 10,000 pearls also contributed to the cost.

2. Angelababy, Huang Xiaoming's 2015 Wedding

The 26-year-old Chinese singer, actress, model, and one of Asia's biggest stars with the moniker "Kim Kardashian of China" married leading actor Huang Xiaoming. 

The Shanghai reception was worth $31 million with every detail being meticulous and over-the-top; from the venue to the ornaments to the wedding dress.

The wedding ceremony's setting was at the Shanghai Exhibition Center which had adornments of thousands of roses, gold brocade detailing, and a holographic castle. The cake towers at ten-feet tall in the shape of a castle and featured a golden carousel.

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3. Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra's 2018 Wedding

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were married in multiple wedding ceremonies involving one traditional Christian wedding and three traditional Indian ceremonies.

According to Chopra, it all transpired fast. "We decided to prep this wedding in October and we got married (the) 1st of December, and in that one and half months we were just like, 'Yeah, that sounds great!' 'Sure, let's get that!'" reported Brides.

The pre-wedding celebrations were worth an estimated $61,000 while their actual wedding setting, Jodhpur's Umaid Bhawan Palace, is worth $60,000 a night.

E! News surmised that $800,000 was the estimated overall wedding cost.

4. George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin's 2014 Wedding

A notorious bachelor like George Clooney finally gets hitched.

The Oscar-winning actor and his bride held their wedding in Italy where they first met with the celebration extending to a four-day weekend.

Taking into account the lodging at the five-star Hotel Cipriani and 5-course reception dinners for guests, their wedding is estimated to be worth an astonishing $4.6 million.

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