Pizzas are one of America's favorite comfort food. This is the reason why in almost every corner, you will see a pizza place serve slices of different flavors. However, not all pizza places are the same, as some serve pizzas that will make you crave for more.

Here are some of the top pizzerias in America:

Apizza Scholl's in Portland, Oregon

American towns are known to have popular pizza places with arcade games, but one of the best in the Portland legend, Apizza Scholl's. Scholl's offer thin crust, the ends are puff and flavorful while the bottom is sturdy. Each slice oozes with cheese, more than what you expect on a pizza that is so refined in taste.

Emilia's in Berkeley, California

Emilia serves the best pizza in California four nights a week. This pizzeria can be described as a coal oven type, even though the owner, Kevin Freilich, is cooking in a gas oven that runs much hotter than most ovens. The crust of the pizza is supple and flavorful, with a blend of fresh and aged cheeses.

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If you wish to dine out, Emilia's has a tiny space, so there is only room for one table in the place. The pizzeria is normally a takeout operation. You will need to call in advance to reserve a spot if you want to eat at the pizzeria.

Good Pie in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not only known for its bright lights and amazing architecture, but it is also known to serve one of the best pizzas in the country. Good Pie is a tiny pizzeria that is located in the back of a strip mall on the outskirts of Las Vegas' downtown. The pizzas are generously cheesed and have tangy sauce, and it is thick enough to appeal to Sicilian lovers while being on the thin-crust side.

Pequod's in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the home of deep-dish pizza, and one pizzeria that serves it best is Pequod's. The pizza has a thick, spongy crust with lots of flavors. The top is oozing with cheese and sauce that balances out the thick chunks of sausage and other ingredients. There is also the caramelized rim of burnt cheese around the edge that goes all the way down to the side of the pan.

Pizza Brain in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pizza Brain opened in 2012, and it was touted as the first "Pizza Museum." The owner, Brian Dwyer, has a massive collection of pizza memorabilia, reminding people who fun pizza is and how it is tied to both communities and popular culture.

Pizza Brian serves golden brown pizza crust from a brick oven. They also do artisan takes on the classics, but there is also a seasonal menu available. Some of their most playful flavors were lamb curry, Bahn mi pies, lowcountry boil-themed pizzas with andouille sausage shrimp, purred potatoes, and sweet corn.

Razza in Jersey City, New Jersey

Razza is a charming neighborhood place that serves one of the best pizza in the country. Razza has a wood-burning oven in the dining room, making the pizza taste as good as possible as it is cooked in perfect crisp with a tender, flavorful crumb and toppings that you will definitely crave for. The pizzeria is also the home of the best pepperoni in the state.

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