Last Friday, the Afghan officials began freeing of 400 dangerous Taliban prisoners as part of the peace deal, despite warnings by President Ashraf Ghani that it was not wise to do so.

The Afghan government and the Taliban are at odds with each other because of the atrocities the Taliban has done in the past. Many of their militants have committed unspeakable acts of violence against civilians and government troopers and heinous acts of terrorism, according to 24 Matins.

Outcry due to the decision

A scheduled talk between the government and the Taliban was held. Many were not pleased knowing the ones that were just freed were the most violent. Most of them were part of attacks that have killed my Afghans and foreigners as well. That being said, their presence outside incarceration is not comforting to civilians and officials both.

About 80 prisoners have been released on Thursday, according to Javid Faisal, the National Security Council spokesman. He tweeted that effort will be doubled to get the ceasefire talks going soon. He's also hoping for lasting peace and ceasefire for everyone, according to Al Jazeera.

Release of the 400 was debated, especially those who were part of the worst attacks against civilians. Not all agree with the Kabul's decisions because many have lost family to these insurgents. Their attacks on civilians were reckless and civilians lost their lives.

According to Bashir Naween, if the militants cannot reach peace, they will resolve to seek retribution. Many will die and their loved ones will suffer because of reckless actions. His brother was one of the slain with terror plots in Kabul. One of those who carried out the attack will be among those to be freed.

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Peace deal between Afghan government and Talibans

They had to free the 400 Talibans, as it was part of the agreement that will assure Taliban cooperation through the process. Afghan president Ashraf Ghani had his doubts but still had to abide by the peace deal, according to BBC.

The Afghan government and the Taliban are set to meet within days of the prisoner release being completed, in a move that has drawn widespread condemnation after it emerged many of the inmates were involved in attacks that killed scores of Afghans and foreigners.

Even with the peace deal signed by them and the U.S., the militants still waged attacks against civilians and military. Instead of heeding the peace deal, there are whispers of working with Al-Qaeda. These terrorists are also thought to be active in parts of Afghanistan.

Another scary thought is the Al Qaeda supplements the Taliban forces and gives them training too. In 2020, there are still more civilians in the crossfire, but it does not concern the militants.

Afghans still consider the loya jirga that is the gathering of many tribal chief and citizens of influence, wherein they deliberated on important issues. Ghani used this form of congress to make authorities reconsider setting them free. They feared what these cadres of Taliban prisoners can do if set loose into society again, confirmed Bangkok Post.

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