Indiantown, FL - Logged in to Zoom for the first day of her online classes, a 10-year-old elementary school student was on her virtual lesson when her mother was shot to death by her mother's ex-boyfriend according to the police.

Sheriff's Office of the Martin County shared that the suspect was Donald J. Williams, 27, who shot and killed Maribel Rosado-Morales, his ex-girlfriend.

According to Daily Mail, the brutal incident happened in front of Rosado-Morales' six children inside their home at Indiantown around 8 am on Tuesday.

One of Rosado-Morales' daughters, who is a student at the Warfield Elementary, had been on her Zoom call with her classmates for their virtual class that morning when they heard yelling and profanity in the background of her connection.

The commotion in the background prompted the teacher of the girl to mute the audio of the call, as she realized that there will be a bad incident that is about to unfold.

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After the teacher muted the virtual class, William Snyder, the Martin County Sheriff revealed during the press conference that the teacher then witnessed the girl putting her hands up to her ears.

According to Snyder, the shooting was not visible to the teacher or to the other students who were part of the virtual class but it was at that time that Williams opened fire inside Rosado-Morales' home, NY Daily News reported.

The screen of the computer that the 10-year-old girl uses went black suddenly after one of the bullets struck it directly on its screen.

Rosado-Morales' six children whose ages were at the range of 10-17 were in front of her, horrified when the shooting incident happened.

Based on the initial reports, the two children present at the incident were cousins of Rosado-Morales' kids but a family friend shared that all of those present at the scene were all children of the victim.

Despite the outrage of the suspect, luckily none among Rosado-Morales' kids were hurt.

Based on the report of the Detectives, Williams escaped the home of Rosado-Morales where the shooting incident using a bicycle before he boarded in a Martin County Public Transit bus and asked the driver to take him to Stuart.

But as the ride continues, the driver grew suspicious about Williams' behavior and dialed 911.

After the call, a SWAT team responded and took Williams into custody just 40 minutes after he shot the mother of six kids.

A handgun was retrieved when they search the bag of Williams. Authorities shared that the weapon Williams' used was a gun that was reported stolen from a car way back 2015.

Despite the efforts of airlifting Rosado-Morales to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center, after arrival at the medical facility, she was pronounced dead.

Snyder shared that Williams confessed to the investigators and will be facing charges of first-degree murder, armed home invasion, and armed burglary.

Snyder also mentioned that Williams was just recently released from prison after facing charges of domestic violence.

He also mentioned that the fatal incident reportedly started after Williams went to Rosado-Morales' home to confront her about a video and the unspecified argument and the shooting started.

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