On Friday, the Democrats' last-ditch effort to agree on releasing crucial coronavirus relief aid collapsed. The disappointment will most likely result in millions of Americans suffering to get by financially amid the global crisis.

Failed negotiations

United States President Donald Trump said he is inclined to issue more limited executive orders relating to the coronavirus if he is unable to agree with Congress, as reported by AP News.

Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer summarized the negotiations at Capitol Hills as a disappointing event. He added White House officials denied House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's proposal of curbing the demands of Democrats by about $1 trillion. Schumer prompted authorities to find a middle ground and not have their way or no other way.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said it was unfortunate that they were unable to agree on the day of the meeting. Republican politicians said Pelosi was counting on budget maneuvers to reduce costs and fear she has overplayed her strategies.

While previous events where an impasse in Washington caused little to no effect to the public, the coronavirus relief aid would now cause major recurring consequences that would affect nearly all Americans.

One such factor is the expiration of the weekly $600 unemployment benefit that had supported the jobless in keeping their homes and falling to poverty. The deadlock also denies the distribution of over $100 billion support to assist schools in reopening this fall. Additionally, it denies more funding to increase the rate of virus testing in the country.

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The possibility of a coronavirus relief package continues to be uncertain. Both White House officials and Senate members have left Washington and officials are instructed to prepare to come back another time to vote on an agreement.

Mnuchin said that because of the failed talks to pass a new relief package, they would recommend President Trump to move forward with some executive orders they hope would relieve some of the challenges that Americans are facing, as reported by USA Today.

Continued discussions

The official said he and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows would discuss with the president over the weekend about the orders. The move is something that Trump had previously explained in detail in a news conference in Bedminster.

The US president said he was getting ready to unilaterally act on four different programs including several that supported citizens in keeping them financially stable amid the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Trump said his administration is still hoping to come to an agreement with Democrats on a coronavirus relief package and leaving a door open for that possibility if or when talks resume.

Trump previously blamed Democrats for continuing to hold the relief package back and stated he would use his powers and authorities as president to deliver the relief that Americans need to survive the global crisis.

According to BBC, Trump is looking to defer the payroll tax, unemployment benefits, and suspend student loan interest until the end of the year. The US president said he is also considering to extend the eviction moratorium to ensure Americans are not forced out into the streets.

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