After the arrest of a man in Pennsylvania who opened fire at seven police officers, and struck one of them, his lawyer claimed that he only did that because he is not handling the COVID-19 pandemic too well.

According to John Waldron, attorney of the Adam Zabrowski, the man who was arrested after the incident, his client was just "getting stretched too tight" amid the coronavirus pandemic. In a statement, the attorney said that Zabrowski has been through a lot in the past couple of months after losing his job and also losing custody over his child. He also added that his client is likely to be tested in order to find out what led him to react the way he did.

On Saturday, authorities from Bethlehem Township in Northampton County tried to serve an arrest warrant to the 35-year-old perpetrator after an incident that happened in a store the previous day. However, instead of coming peacefully with the police, the suspect fled on a pickup truck.

The police then tried to pursue the suspect. When they caught up to him and pulled him over, the suspect immediately became defensive and shot at the officers with an AK-47 and a pistol that he possessed.

Update August 1, 2020: Zaborowski was apprehended. ------ WANTED FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER
Adam Michael Zaborowski (35...
Posted by Bethlehem Township Police Dept on Friday, July 31, 2020

According to Fox News, Lehigh County District Attorney, Jim Martin, the police fired back at Zabrowski and hit the suspect. The shot was not fatal and it is expected to survive. In addition, an officer was also hit by one of the shots that Zabrowski fired, though the wound was minor.

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Aside from the offenses that were initially filed in the warrant, the suspect is set to face 22 additional charges, which include aggravated assault with the use of a deadly weapon and a number of attempted murder counts. Zabrowski is currently being held with a bail of $1 million after his arraignment on Saturday.

Waldron also stated that he has already worked as Zabrowski's attorney in the past and explained that this behavior is very unlikely to the suspect. He also emphasized that the fact that his client was hit twice despite the fact that he had a hand gun and an AK-47 with him says a lot about his experience with violence and guns.

Before the shootout happened, the police were trying to serve a warrant to Zabrowski for an incident that happened in a local cigar store on Friday which also included shots being fired.

According to the statement of the authorities, Zabrowski entered the shop without a face mask. When he was called out for his behavior and was told to wear one, Zabrowski got mad and took two cigars from a shelf and left without paying, The Morning Call reported.

Thus, a staff from the store followed him out. This is when the suspect took out a handgun and fired at the staff member twice, based on the police allegations. Meanwhile, no one was reported injured during Friday's encounter between Zabrowski and the staff of the cigar shop.

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