While filming the biopic of the King of the Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley in March 2020 in a location in Queensland, actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson felt run down during the production process prompting them to go to the hospital for immediate care, but after numerous tests done to the actor, he was confirmed positive with coronavirus.

But after the Hollywood actor went missing to the eyes of the public, a conspiracy meme circulated on social media asserting that Hanks had not been infected by coronavirus at all. Based on the meme, the report of Hanks' result was just a cover-up for the case of pedophilia and was fitted with an ankle bracelet to continue to monitor the exact location where the actor is.

If a person globally known like the Hollywood actor Tom Hanks would be arrested it would have been big news, but definitely it would be bigger if he will be facing the shocking charge.

But there is no evidence gathered that supports the accusation about the actor, as it is still widely considered as a rumor.

Unfortunately, the Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks has been one of the numerous celebrities who have become the target of such bizarre conspiracy theories regarding their alleged involvement in pedophile sex trafficking rings among elite people. Other stars such as Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey also faced the same issue in their respective careers, fact-checking site Snopes.com reported.

In one of the videos circulated on Twitter, Ellen allegedly has a police officer standing behind her while observing and monitoring her alleged arrest.

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Oprah Winfrey also suffered the same accusation, as the world-renowned host was accused of being part of a large sex trafficking scandal.

Not only A-list celebrities are involved in this group, based on the accusation as well-known politicians are also hit by the same issue.

In a report by Reuters, University of Miami professor Joseph Uscinski shared that based on his study for decades, the accusations were just rumors coming from a group 'QAnon' which is led by a person named 'Q' who has a high-clearance among government data and information.

Meanwhile, Top two photographs in the meme were taken May 2020, which means that there is no way that Hank was in the custody of Australian authorities. The photo with the least interaction shows a hem or cudd from his pant leg.

The remaining photographs from the same range of time and place do not give any convincing evidence that the actor has an ankle bracelet on one of his legs or either.

Even the authorities in Australia arrested Hanks with the accused charge, there is no sense placing him in custody, deemed him a flight risk, then put him on loose in his return in the US in a couple of weeks with only the monitoring bracelet as a means to hunt him down back.

Recent photos of the Hollywood actor in June and July shows that there is no ankle bracelet as it can be clearly seen as Hanks only wears shorts and sandals.

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